[Download] The Accident: A Bike, A Truck, and A Train By Chris Dikes

The Accident: A Bike, A Truck, and A Train

By: Chris Dikes
Length: 111 pages
Release date: Jan 9, 2012
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On the morning of August 11, 2009, Chris Dikes went for a morning bike ride as he did most days. Forty minutes later, the driver of a pickup truck struck Chris from behind. The accident sent him to the emergency room via an ambulance. Despite people telling him he was "lucky" to be alive, he found himself locked in a mental and emotional battle with fear. Tormented by nightmares, Chris feared that he'd never be able get on a bike again and that his life would be forever marked by the events of August the 11th.

The Accident is an emotional, honest, and sometimes humorous look at one person's battle to reclaim his life and overcome the fears that followed a traumatic event.

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