[Download] Tax Evasion Through Shares By Prashant Thakur

Tax Evasion Through Shares

By: Prashant Thakur
Length: 250 pages
Release date: Sep 10, 2013
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Tax Evasion Through Shares provides a very useful guide for officers of income tax department to catch the tax evaders who uses share transactions as medium to either evade tax or money laundering. The book , divided in three parts , includes many case laws which have to be consulted while framing assessment of share related cases.

The author has also provided insights on tax evasion through derivative transactions and use of closely held companies shares to convert black money to white.

The book is written by a tax officer who has devoted twenty years in investigating, enquiring the tax evasion and finally bringing evidences against the tax evaders. The book is primarily a guide for officer of Income Tax Department for investigation in share related cases. The books not only describe the ways of tax evasion, but how to detect, enquire and assess such cases.

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