[Download] Targeting Teamwork: How Bosses and Other Performance Managers Can Build and Sustain Team and Organizational Excellence By Michael Dinius, MS, MA

Targeting Teamwork: How Bosses and Other Performance Managers Can Build and Sustain Team and Organizational Excellence

By: Michael Dinius, MS, MA
Length: 169 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2013
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This book was written with small and medium business owners and management in mind, especially leaders of start-ups and individuals gaining supervisory responsibilities. However, it is for anyone building or leading a team or organization. The basics for maximizing teamwork are simple to understand, but only bosses and other performance managers (Human Resources, Training, Safety, etc.) who are willing and able will accomplish them.

"Targeting Teamwork" is a concise, specific, and down-to-earth primer describing the fundamentals of managing and maximizing team and organizational performance. It is based on thirty-five years of experience in attending to or managing the performance potential and problems of individuals, groups, and teams.

The book describes the Target Performance Management(TM) drivers (elemental, essential agents influencing, if not determining, employee performance) and the philosophy for planning and implementing the drivers. It includes actionable definitions of “team,” “teamwork,” and other key terms that will aid any boss in successfully managing people. For example, what is the difference between, and significance of, “required” and “desired” performance? Why are respect, benefiting others, trust, and caring essential for optimal teamwork? How are they achieved, sustained, and maximized? How can team involvement in its own performance management be the difference between success, mediocrity or failure?

"Targeting Teamwork" regularly offers questions for the boss to ask employees to invite their involvement in organizational success. To gain the most value from topic(s), the book has periodic questions to assess reader comprehension and includes recommendations and suggestions for thing to do, or at least try.

The primary focus is on “What performance and outcomes do you want from your team?” and on the use of the performance drivers to achieve what you want.

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