[Download] Tapasya By David Gilchrist


By: David Gilchrist
Length: 378 pages
Release date: Nov 26, 2013
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"Difficult to put down" Dave Easton

Broken and close to death, Wist staggers into the walled city of Mashesh and collapses at the feet of a towering statue commemorating his likeness. Incredibly, three and a half centuries have passed since he was last in the city and now he has returned, bereft of everything... even his memory.

Wist soon learns that the last time he left Mashesh and the continent of Tapasya, the land literally fractured from north to south. In the wake of his departure, oppression, persecution and civil war became the norm. The unrest continues.

When Wist is rescued by Aviti, a young woman with her own mysteries to solve, he begins a journey of discovery and redemption that will take him far from Mashesh. As he struggles to piece together his story and fractured recollections from the past, he is forced to face up to the failures of his life or risk the complete destruction of Tapasya.

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