[Download] Tantra Sex Step By Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples By Pala Copeland

Tantra Sex Step By Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples

By: Pala Copeland
Length: 260 pages
Release date: Sep 28, 2013
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Would you like to experience lovemaking like never before and go beyond pleasure to find true bliss? Do you want to connect with your lover to reach new levels of spiritual ecstasy?

You can have the relationship happiness you dream about. You can experience the most sublime intimate connection emotionally, energetically, and spiritually with your lover. You can have all the great sex you want. You can give and receive pleasure and love in abundance.

Enjoy all of this and more as you discover the heights of Tantric sex.

Has your lovemaking time dwindled to once per week or once per month?

Ecstasy awaits! Our spiritual lovemaking guide is written for busy couples who are too pooped to pop; too tired or too busy to find time for each other.

With a daily practice of only 20 minutes, Tantra Sex Step By Step offers the perfect way to fit Tantra into your busy life. Beautiful photos and numbered steps show you exactly how to perform each blissful lesson. As you move through each day of the plan, you’ll learn powerful techniques to thrill and satisfy your lover.

•Enjoy the most intense pleasure you’ve ever experienced
•Extend your lovemaking sessions to any length of time by mastering your sexual energy
•Explore ways to deepen intimacy with Kama Sutra positions
•Unleash multiple orgasms for both of you
•Increase sexual fitness with pleasure-enhancing muscle toning exercises
•Keep your bedroom hot with sexual role play and fantasy games
•Open your heart to love with soul-stirring gazes
•Bring each other to peaks of excitement with erotic massage

•Chapter One introduces the 28 day plan and tells how it’s transformed couples’ lives.
•Chapter Two gives brief and direct instructions for working through the 28 Day Plan.
•Chapter Three contains the step by step ecstasy plan, with specific exercises for each of the 28 days. Learn how to engage in non-goal oriented lovemaking. The purpose of Tantric sex is union with the beloved through shared pleasure—not the pursuit of orgasm, although you’ll certainly experience many of them.
•Chapter Four explains the eight elements of extended Tantric lovemaking. Learn to make love for several hours, during which both lovers can naturally become multi-orgasmic.
•Chapter Five presents 50 fun activities to explore during Tantric loving. This is a recipe for sexual/spiritual ecstasy, independent of how long or short the session may be.
•Chapter Six offers guidelines for carrying on your Tantric practice over the course of your life together.
•Chapter Seven illustrates ten superlative intercourse positions for ecstatic connection.

On the February 10, 2008 episode of her popular TV show Talk Sex, world famous sex educator Sue Johanson had this to say about the print version 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step By Step . . .
“It’s been a while since we had a book on Tantric Sex, and this is a great one. 28 DAYS TO ECSTASY FOR COUPLES by Copeland and Link is a fantastic 28-day program for those who want to learn. Tantric sex is spiritual as well as physical and you can’t expect to do it right the day after tomorrow. Recommended reading even if you have no intention of practicing tantric sex. No more ‘slam bam thank you ma’am.’”

Readers’ Comments

• “We love how these amazing, mind-blowing exercises are slowly transforming our lives in just a few short weeks.”
•“This process helped bring the two of us closer than we have been in nearly 27 years of marriage.”
•“Thanks to both of you for bringing such richness, connection, delight and joy back into our lives.”
•“The four longer loving sessions are well designed and they too provided ideas for different types of sessions and sessions of different lengths.”
•“It was a new experience for her to orgasm regularly and more easily.”
•“The PC squeezes with the Yab/Yum position allowed him to better control his erecti

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