[Download] Taming The Roaming Beast By Nnaife Edward Ikeomu

Taming The Roaming Beast

By: Nnaife Edward Ikeomu
Length: 138 pages
Release date: Dec 31, 2013
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Many people consider South Africa as the rape capital of the world. The British government advised their citizens on how to conduct their activities in this country after one of their citizens was abducted and raped.

Crime statistics released for the period April 2012 to March 2013 showed there were 66 387 sexual crimes reported to police.
South Africa has the highest reported incidence of rape in the world according to “Travel-State-Gov: South Africa”. U.S Department of State: The bureau of consular affairs, 29 February 2012.

The report of victims of Crime survey of 2012 indicates, 17.0%, 44.1% and 14.4% women were sexually abused by relatives, known community members and known people from outside respectively. Among offenders that used weapons, 25.4% used knives or sharp objects to threaten their victims, 24.8% used guns while 12.8% used other objects. According to the Department of Correctional Services, a total number of 6 978 between 18-25 years were incarcerated for sexual offences in 2011/02.3 The reason for this particular data is to show violence associated to rape, age groups involved and to highlight that most sexual offenders are known by their victims.

As published by Daily Sun, Thursday 29 August, 2013, page 4; a man from Khutsong extension 4 raped his three year old stepdaughter and dumped her body near a pond after allegedly sticking a crowbar inside her genitals. This is sadism and cruelty!
According to the SABC NEWS website, Thursday 19 April 2012, Interpol reported that a woman born in South Africa is more likely to be raped than educated. This is pathetic.

Infants, teenagers, middle aged and elderly people are raped. Whites, Blacks, Indians and Coloureds have either been the offenders or victims. Rape is not an identity of any race or religion. If the issue of rape in this beloved nation is not given the required attention it might become a crisis. All hands must be on deck for this problem to be solved.

The more these offenders are apprehended and prosecuted the more the crime is committed. The more we protest and campaign against it with placards the more the crime is committed. The more the government speaks out against it the more it is committed. Whatever causes a man to rape a child of 4 months, a 100 year old woman and a boy of 7 years is not normal. It is deeper than eyes can see.

The problem cannot be solved by scratching the surface. Perhaps the problem lies beyond the person’s conscious mind. If that is the case, we have to go beyond the physical realm to tackle this influence that sometimes seemingly pushes men to commit this heinous crime. The author insight-fully explains how rape tendencies can be dealt with by using biblical principles.

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