[Download] Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book Six: Thoran By C. M. Johnson

Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book Six: Thoran

By: C. M. Johnson
Length: 499 pages
Release date: Nov 25, 2013
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The vision that terrified Kerrisha at the end of Ascension comes to pass as Brindon’s attacks on the Tower continue. What terrible truth does she know about William?

As Brindon’s attacks escalate Kerrisha begins to plan a mission that will take them over the ocean and deep into Europe and Thoran territory, visiting new complexes of both the Triad Clans and the Lost Clans. Medical officer seems a natural position for Kerreth to hold as part of the Mission Team but why is he so worried about Keri’s planned route?

As Julie’s first mission as Keri’s Tesha Dayou, a mission about negotiating and diplomacy seems a good one for the young Tesha Dayou and David as her Tesha to gain some experience but can spending so much time among the Lost Clans really come without a cost?

But, before they leave, a surprise comes that even Kerrisha does not see and Jonathan lends his voice to the narrative to help tell his story. He has always seemed so easy going but we have yet to meet his family. What terrible secret is hidden in his past?

An Otlantesha dictionary and pronunciation key follows the story.

CAUTION: Contains Mature Situations

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