[Download] Taken by Surprise: A Novel By Leslyn Amthor Spinelli

Taken by Surprise: A Novel

By: Leslyn Amthor Spinelli
Length: 464 pages
Release date: Jul 26, 1989
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Caroline and David Spencer believe they are prepared for the changes they’ve decided to make: their move from the suburbs to the city. Caroline’s new job as an assistant federal prosecutor. David’s more prominent role in child-care and his new business venture. Lily’s new school. The twins’ graduation to pull-ups and big-kid beds.

But they aren’t prepared for the unthinkable.

When a freak accident turns the Spencers’ world upside down, Caroline must rely on a cadre of helpmates—her mother-in-law, her best friend, and a tenacious private investigator—who each bring complications to the mix. How will Caroline deal with her anger, grief, and loss of control? How will the family weather the storm?

In the sequel to “Taken for Granted,” Leslyn Amthor Spinelli takes us back to Madison, Wisconsin, and the often-chaotic Spencer household, where most anything can happen.

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