[Download] Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero By Larry Tye

Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero

By: Larry Tye
Narrated by: Scott Brick
Length: 13 hours
Release date: Jun 12, 2012
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Seventy-five years after he came to life, Superman remains one of America's most adored and enduring heroes. Now Larry Tye, the prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Satchel, has written the first full-fledged history not just of the Man of Steel but of the creators, designers, owners, and performers who made him the icon he is today.

Legions of fans from Boston to Buenos Aires can recite the story of the child born Kal-El, scion of the doomed planet Krypton, who was rocketed to Earth as an infant, raised by humble Kansas farmers, and rechristened Clark Kent. Known to law-abiders and evildoers alike as Superman, he was destined to become the invincible champion of all that is good and just-and a star in every medium from comic books and comic strips to radio, TV, and film.

But behind the high-flying legend lies a true-to-life saga every bit as compelling, one that begins not in the far reaches of outer space but in the middle of America's heartland. During the depths of the Great Depression, Jerry Siegel was a shy, awkward teenager in Cleveland. Raised on adventure tales and robbed of his father at a young age, Jerry dreamed of a hero for a boy and a world that desperately needed one. Together with neighborhood chum and kindred spirit Joe Shuster, young Siegel conjured a human-sized god who was everything his creators yearned to be: handsome, stalwart, and brave, able to protect the innocent, punish the wicked, save the day, and win the girl. It was on Superman's muscle-bound back that the comic book and the very idea of the superhero took flight.

Tye chronicles the adventures of the men and women who kept Siegel and Shuster's "Man of Tomorrow" aloft and vitally alive through seven decades and counting. Here are the savvy publishers and visionary writers and artists of comics' Golden Age who ushered the red-and-blue-clad titan through changing eras and evolving incarnations; and the actors-including George Reeves and Christopher Reeve-who brought the Man of Steel to life on screen, only to succumb themselves to all-too-human tragedy in the mortal world. Here too is the poignant and compelling history of Siegel and Shuster's lifelong struggle for the recognition and rewards rightly due to the architects of a genuine cultural phenomenon.

From two-fisted crimebuster to über-patriot, social crusader to spiritual savior, Superman-perhaps like no other mythical character before or since-has evolved in a way that offers a Rorschach test of his times and our aspirations. In this deftly realized appreciation, Larry Tye reveals a portrait of America over seventy years through the lens of that otherworldly hero who continues to embody our best selves.

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13 Responses to “[Download] Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero By Larry Tye”

  1. Graham Bolieu

    A Super History!
    A great history of the Man of Steel. Even as a long- time fan, I learned many new things. A dramatic and enthusiastic reading by Scott Brick. Well done!

  2. Claud Delisa

    Fun, but not earth shattering
    Tells the story of Superman’s creators and their struggles to get their idea into the American subconscious. The inimitable Scott Brick is the narrator, which makes anything a fun listen.

  3. Alexander Allabaugh

    Thorough history
    This is a wonderful account of Superman as a historical and cultural icon.

    Particularly great about this book is how the author melds Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s biographies with the overall narrative. We learn in vivid detail how Superman got bigger and bigger and while Jerry and Joe went into further decline.

    Also, the book is a wonderful re-cap of the major storylines in the comics/TV series/radio shows.

  4. Chance Dys

    consider and accurate
    this is the first history I have read of Supes that does so without bias.

  5. Abram Akiona

    This book just plain sucked
    This was boring, painfully slow, and the narrator sounded as bored reading it as I was hearing it.

  6. Mikel Towle

    Everything you want to know!
    One of the best historical accounts I have had the pleasure of listening to. Can’t get enough. Writen and performed well.

  7. Kelli Skubik

    Uninspired Artists
    The author used too many definitive statements drawn from subjection. For instance – stating that the comic industry would no tbe here today without Superman etc… My moderate thinking would argue that Superman heavily influenced etc…

    The scope of the topic is covered wtih inconsistent detail. I was expecting a lot more structure and purpose.

  8. Charlsie J.

    a true understanding of Superman
    this takes you to a place that Joe and Jerry had intended, a place of Wonder and amazement

  9. Jennette A.

    Exhaustive, yet shallow
    Would you be willing to try another book from Larry Tye? Why or why not?

  10. Ermelinda N.

    Do you know where Superman came from?
    What did you love best about Superman?

  11. Hiram Kruzan

    Entertaining and encyclopedic
    For long time Superfans, a journey through the character’s many media incarnations. For new fans, a perspective on why he is who he is, and why he matters.

  12. Sybil Baselice

    An insightful look at the greatest superheroes
    If you could sum up Superman in three words, what would they be?

  13. Merissa Slavik

    Great book, very revealing. I discovered lots of new info about the character’s history, about the radio show, about the 50’s TV show…
    and I’d already been a serious Superman fan for many years.

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