[Download] Sudden 4: Sudden - Dead or Alive By Frederick H. Christian

Sudden 4: Sudden - Dead or Alive

By: Frederick H. Christian
Length: 202 pages
Release date: Dec 27, 2013
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The Cullanes owned San Jaime — body and soul. They always had. In San Jaime what the Cullanes said was law, and God help the man who crossed them. So when the capable-looking drifter rode into town and tossed the rulebook out of the window, most of the townspeople ran for cover. But this time Cullane men died and San Jaime was no longer in bondage. How long this freedom would last was another question - for up in the mountains Old Man Cullane bellowed his order at his cutthroat crew . . . Bring him in . . . Bring me Sudden - dead or alive!

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