[Download] Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power By Zbigniew Brzezinski

Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power

By: Zbigniew Brzezinski
Narrated by: Grover Gardner
Length: 6 hours
Release date: Jan 24, 2012
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In 1991, the United States was the only global superpower. It seemed that the 21st century, like the 20th, would belong to America. Then came the stock market bubble, the costly foreign unilateralism of the younger Bush presidency, and the financial catastrophe of 2008. Meanwhile, China was rising and the Middle East was awakening politically. Today it is clear that America is vulnerable—to domestic and international decline and unregulated greed.

Speaking from decades of experience, Brzezinski considers the implications of the changing distribution of global power, ponders why America’s global appeal is waning, speculates on the likely geopolitical consequences if America declines by 2025 (will China assume America’s central role in world affairs?), and describes a vision of a resurgent America: responsive to challenges, strategically deliberate, and historically enlightened in its global engagement with the new East.

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7 Responses to “[Download] Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power By Zbigniew Brzezinski”

  1. Evelin S.

    Brilliantly articulate, masterfully researched, and exceptionally compelling!
    I am a relatively recent graduate of the United States Army War College; and this book truly should be added to the curriculum for that course. I felt like I was reading and listening to a detailed synopsis of the two-year course that focuses on National Strategy formulation and, in many ways, was a course in political science. This book offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of foreign policy, from both an historical perspective and a first-person point of view. It’s a must read for any member of the U.S. Government- particularly any member of the U.S. Congress, since they appear to be in most need of the lessons and insight Mr. Brzezinski offers throughout the book. I very highly recommend it to anyone interested in truly contributing to the effort to make the world a better and safer place for everyone — particularly for future generations.

  2. Paulina Debnam

    Maybe just me but it got dry and repetitive.
    I found the book to be numbing and my mind would drift as I listened.

  3. Chuck Schavone

    If you could sum up Strategic Vision in three words, what would they be?

  4. Amateur trader

    Great book. Great insights. From the master of the original chessboard!
    Brzezinski uses his deep knowlegde op political dynamics in the international arena to analyse our global playing field and drafts general guidelines for a more peacefull, interconnected and properous world Where america takes lead as first among equals and not as a global bully. Well narated!

  5. Hilario P.

    Great audio!
    Quick, clear, understandable, and interesting. I will continue to use the capability. Thanks for the great support and making this available.

  6. Horacio Doxey

    Insightful, griping, timely
    What did you love best about Strategic Vision?

  7. Wilbert Agosto

    Box Canyon Bible
    Pessimism requires no self-restraint. Strategic Vision demonstrates a new penchant for immanent compromise not for seen in proffes-
    or Brzezinski’s outing of Second Chance. Anxiety overtakes catas-
    trope in this albeit terminal posit ebbing the shore of great
    Intellectual spectre. That the (American) public (has) already
    fallen under the hooves of academic characterization admits us to
    recognize the impending haulicost of both civil and intellectual
    persuasion this book cannot as yet adopt.

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