[Download] Strange Tales from the Doctor's Casebook By H.g. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, W. F. Harvey

Strange Tales from the Doctor's Casebook

By: H.g. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, W. F. Harvey
Narrated by: Cathy Dobson
Length: 11 hours
Release date: Oct 17, 2016
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Twenty classic tales featuring doctors, patients, feverish imaginations, sick minds and unwell bodies.
1. Under the Knife by H. G. Wells
2. Room Number Ten by Bessie Kyffin-Taylor
3. Story of the Vanishing Patient by Elia J. Peattie
4. The District Doctor by Ivan Turgenev
5. Dead of Night by W. F. Harvey
6. Cool Air by H. P. Lovecraft
7. The Operation by Violet Hunt
8. The Greatest Good of the Greatest Number by Gertrude Atherton
9. The Permanent Stiletto by W. C. Morrow
10. The Last Leaf by O. Henry
11. This is All by Barry Pain
12. Green Tea by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
13. The Bath Chair by E. F. Benson
14. The Bundle of Letters by Maurus Jokai
15. The Man who was Blind by Edwin Pugh
16. Laura by H. H. Munro
17. The Unrest Cure by H. H. Munro
18. The Premature Burial by Edgar Allan Poe
19. All Souls by Edith Wharton
20. A Tale of the Great Plague by Thomas Hood
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