[Download] Songs to My Savior Volume II By Joyce E. Larsen

Songs to My Savior Volume II

By: Joyce E. Larsen
Length: 117 pages
Release date: Dec 22, 2013
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In a world of contradictions, where life is full of temptations and spiritually offensive entertainment, there can be a way to keep our hearts filled with hope, love, encouragement and motivation to do good. There are millions of books currently filling the market place, and few carry with them the spirit of inspiration. This is one of those few books.
This book of poetry contains the heart and soul of a spiritual individual who has experienced heartache, pain, love, happiness and true joy, and has a great desire to listen to the spirit. Included are poems that allow the author to share true devotion to the Savior Jesus Christ.
May the spirit of the Lord be with you as you “walk” this amazing experience with her.
This poetry touches the soul, calms the heart and shares the author's love for the Savior and Heavenly Father. The series includes stories in poetry of the scriptures, real life, Christmas, Easter and heart felt feelings for the divine. Most are in rhythm and rhyme that flow fluently and easily. Let us share with you these amazing poems.

If you liked J. E. Larsen’s first volume of poetry “Songs to My Savior Volume I”, you will find this second volume equally as touching, for this book of poetry contains more from the author’s heart.
The poetry within its pages is a continuation of the author’s love and dedication to the Savior and to the Father of all Heaven. Included are more true stories put to verse and again poetry from the perspective of “inanimate” objects and living things that might not otherwise have a voice to praise the God and King of this world.
Songs to My Savior Volume II has poetry especially for Latter-day Saints and especially for Easter, yet at its heart is verse for anyone who wants to feel the spirit of the Lord.

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