[Download] Songs of a Peach Tree By Michael Ciardi

Songs of a Peach Tree

By: Michael Ciardi
Length: 318 pages
Release date: Sep 12, 2013
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Thirty summers ago, something unspeakable happened to a little girl in the woods near Shade Tree Pond. The culprit to this heinous crime is never identified. Now, thirty years later, a curious 12-year-old boy embarks upon a journey that places him at the core of Meadowton's most haunting mystery.

Somewhere in the confines of a desolate peach grove, the voice of a child chants her ethereal songs. Throughout the years many residents fear the curse that plagues Benjamin Murden's peach trees, but only one boy seeks to unearth the unfathomable truth. It is his quest for justice that propels him into a frightening realm of supernatural events, betrayal, and ultimate vengeance.

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