[Download] Small Business Marketing By Robert D Hastings

Small Business Marketing

By: Robert D Hastings
Length: 224 pages
Release date: Nov 24, 2013
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Marketing is commonly misunderstood by many small business owners who are looking for ways to maximise their business impact whilst being short on investment and whilst this is not uncommon the importance is to understand what marketing IS and HOW it works.

Small Business Marketingoffers a helpful insight into the needs of small business to market in a cost-effective way whilst gaining the best result for the expenditure.
Small Business Marketing lists a range of instructional chapters on marketing including Web, Social Media, the 5 'P's of Marketing, low cost hints on getting a result for a small outlay, how to price and how to build a marketing plan.

Small Business marketing offers a range of case studies to highlight how to leverage what you have and make it work for you through low cost, sensible and proven marketing techniques.

Promotion, Sales, Product, Pricing, Media, Public Relations, World Wide Web, Social Marketing, Marketing Management. The Marketing Mix that is best for your business and Buyer behaviour are all reviewed in this book relating to small business and the investment requirements.

If you own a small business and want to learn to market effectively this book if for you.

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