[Download] Shadowfever By Karen Marie Moning


By: Karen Marie Moning
Narrated by: Phil Gigante, Natalie Ross
Length: 19 hours
Release date: Jan 18, 2011
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (745 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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MacKayla Lane was just a child when she and her sister, Alina, were given up for adoption and banished from Ireland forever.

Twenty years later, Alina is dead and Mac has returned to the country that expelled them to hunt her sister's murderer. But after discovering that she descends from a bloodline both gifted and cursed, Mac is plunged into a secret history: an ancient conflict between humans and immortals who have lived concealed among us for thousands of years.

What follows is a shocking chain of events with devastating consequences, and now Mac struggles to cope with grief while continuing her mission to acquire and control the Sinsar Dubh-a book of dark, forbidden magic scribed by the mythical Unseelie King, containing the power to create and destroy worlds.

In an epic battle between humans and Fae, the hunter becomes the hunted when the Sinsar Dubh turns on Mac and begins mowing a deadly path through those she loves.

Who can she turn to? Who can she trust? Who is the woman haunting her dreams? More important, who is Mac and what is the destiny she glimpses in the black and crimson designs of an ancient tarot card?

From the luxury of the Lord Master's penthouse to the sordid depths of an Unseelie nightclub, from the erotic bed of her lover to the terrifying bed of the Unseelie King, Mac's journey will force her to face the truth of her exile, and to make a choice that will either save the world…or destroy it.

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70 Responses to “[Download] Shadowfever By Karen Marie Moning”

  1. Lesley

    Riveting and unexpected
    Wow. This is a review of the entire series, more than just this book. The abrupt switch in narrators for books 4 and 5 was weird at first, but I thought both female narrators did an excellent job, and the addition of Phil Gigante bumped this audio production from really good to absolutely superb. He has a truly swoonworthy voice, and doesn’t stint in using it.

    Story wise, I would have thought from descriptions of the plot that I would hate it. Seriously, she gets away with the awful cliche of “healing sex.” She pulled it off. I bought it. I LOVED it. And her language is lush, and her characters are larger than life but still manage to be human, too. I loved the overall message of shades of grey, and how the ending managed to wrap everything up neatly without actually fixing anything. *lol* We have sympathy for characters who are beyond redemption, we have a male love interest who is actually quite monstrous, and we have a heroine who is, honestly, insufferable at the beginning transformed into a serious bad-ass by the ending. I honestly could not stop listening until the end, even staying up until 4 am once I got into the final book.

    It has flaws, but the overall story and the terrific narration makes them bearable. Totally worth the money I spent devouring these audiobooks!

  2. Ali B.

    21 people listened to a 19 hr book in

  3. June Young

    This is the worst narrated audio book I have ever listened to. 15 minutes into this book and I knew I couldn’t go on. What a waste of money

  4. Myra

    Each book only gets better. Wish they came faster. Just started back at book 1 and read them all again, never get tired of them.

  5. Amber

    Love it!!
    Would you listen to Shadowfever again? Why?

  6. Otto Pett

    Best Audiobook Performance I’ve ever listened to.
    Any additional comments?

  7. Ellyn Pintado

    don’t waste a credit on this
    what drivel. Didn’t want to waste my credit, so I tried to listen to this, but it’s such a waste of time not to mention a credit. overly melodramatic, vapid and boring. such a disappointment. and definitely not scifi.

  8. Alyce Truong

    Waste of Money
    I couldn’t get involved in this story, even though I tried twice to listen. Was there a plot? Couldn’t tell. The narrator, Natalie Ross, was over acting to the point of being annoying. I also couldn’t figure out what category this book would fall under, sci-fi maybe?

  9. Ariel Sterger

    Good, but…..
    With this book being almost 20 hours long, I was eagerly anticipating lots of action-packed storyline with plenty of long-awaited revelations. However, much of the time was spent with KMM rambling on for two or three pages something that could have easily been communicated in a couple of sentences. It was great to finally get a resolution to most of the questions that were raised by the earlier books and to have the story wrapped up. But I was a little disappointed in how long it took us to get there and how much more we could have gotten from the story without all of the necessary embellishments and Mac “what if-ing” us all to death!

    That being said, this is still an AWESOME series and one I would highly recommend! To get the most out of it, though, it’s best to start with the first book rather than this one. And it is a shame that Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross were not used for the entire series. Listening to Phil G. portray Barron’s voice (as well as any other male character with a strong personality or Scottish accent) is sheer ear candy!

  10. Eusebio Hone

    Couldn’t finish it
    The story just kept moving in a direction I found less and less engaging but I’m glad I live in a world where there are different books for different people. It wasn’t bad in an abstract sense, just not something I personally enjoyed.

  11. Gingerhair772

    A fantastic end to a great series! It’s a thrill ride and every time you think you have it figured you’re in for a surprise. I don’t normally like multiple narrators but it works perfectly in this book. You really need to start at the beginning of the series before getting this one. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Denny Harkins

    Never gets old!
    I’ve listened to the full fever series so many times I’ve lost count and it is as fabulous each subsequent time as the first. Highly recommend this series, all books included. You will not regret buying each and every one of them.

  13. Heather Forrest Stewart

    One of the best series I have ever read. Want many more mackayla lane books

  14. Kirstie Despain

    I can’t take anymore.
    I’ve tried at least 5 times in the last month to at least get through the first download, hoping that the book would get better and that the narrator would stop whining. Uggggh – 2.5 hours in and I just can’t take anymore. Save your money and your time and pick something else. Anything else.

  15. dawndria justice

    Exciting & Excellent!!
    As always, I loved this book! I just can’t stop listening to Karen’s books!? Thank you so much, Karen!

  16. Jennifer

    Well Done!
    I loved the performance and the story. It was worth the wait. The end was not entirely expectxed, and I enjoyed listening to the audio book even though I have previously read the book. I thought that I would be disconcerted by the change in performers, however I enjoyed the second performers much more than the first.

  17. Lois Stodolski

    Too long and boring
    I loved all 4 books before this one and I was so excited to listen to the last book, but it was too long and no action and too much porn. It was mostly the review of the past books. I was expected much more from Miss Moning.

  18. Arden Mack

    great series finale
    Karen Marie Moning keep you guessing till the very last page.
    An excellent ending to a compelling series.

  19. Genaro Scargall

    Love this series!
    I. Love. This. Series!!! I started reading it back in high school, about 6 years ago, and have already pre-ordered the next installment for next year! Completely addicted!

  20. Luana P.

    Cliff Hanger Well Concluded!
    Karen Moning’s Fever series of books stands apart from most romance genre stories in that there is far more hair-raising plot and story than romance (though to be sure there IS romance). The entire set of books manages to entice through paranormal mystery without the need to delve into angels or vampires…refreshing! This final book is every bit as exciting as the previous 3 cliff-hangers and an excellent way to stay awake nights!

  21. Rodger Mccullar

    Perfect Ending!!!
    As angry as the young immature Mac made me. She was perfect by stories end. This could not have better. Please bring them back in a resurrected Dublin. I need to see how everyone evolves and know if they cleaned up the world. This was well worth my time to listen to all 5 books!

  22. Jessie Nighman

    sexual drivel
    The use of writing through the main character’s childish, sexual perverse mind was tedious and lead to no conclusion. I was amazed this book is getting any interest. I kept hoping it would improve.

  23. Katia M.

    great as expected!
    I absolutely was entranced by this book – I have listened to the entire series so far while I work, and it helps me get in my zone lol. I want more!!!!

  24. Marchelle Dalke

    what a great series!
    Absolutely loved this series. At times exquisite, and at other times a little raunchy. wonderful.

  25. Florence Afan

    Love it!
    I love Karen Marie Moning’s books! I listen to them while working out. The performers are wonderful and take you into the Fever world.

  26. Alta Hildebrandt

    An Intricate Tale Continues with Epic Performances
    Would you consider the audio edition of Shadowfever to be better than the print version?

  27. Henry Mackins

    I loved it! I want more. Thrilling ride, the narration was perfect, Natalie and Phil were just fantastic.

  28. Diana DC

    Stellar Performance
    I can’t say enough gushy things about the audiobook performed by Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante. Make no mistake – this is a no holds barred production. Both actors bring full voice to the large cast, giving each character a unique personality. Gigante’s JZB will give you shivers, guaranteed, and Ross’ Mac will grab your heart.

  29. Monique Priolean

    Finally, the end of the story, after 5 books!!!!
    Where does Shadowfever rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  30. Enola Bazan

    Too hard to get in to and get started
    I listened for over an hour and could not get into the story plot… too much stuff at first with references to past — with no past story line to shore it up. Was lost and the story line was not strong enough to hold my interest. I felt it was a sequal and I should have read or listened to a Part I somewhere.

  31. Virginia H.

    Male narrator
    The male narrator was awesome in this book as was female narrator. So sad that the series is over. I guess I’ll have to get her next series hopefully it’s as good as this one was.

  32. Matt Furgison

    What a Journey, thanks for the ride!
    Shadowfever (SF) was a very satisfying ending to a very dense richness of creativity that is the mind of Karen Marie Moning. The Fever series gives us a wonderful edge of your seat ride. It was definitely worth waiting the extra month for SF to be published. It has everything you could want, LIFE; living it, learning from it, surviving it. LOVE; well Love what do you say about love? It???s tough, it hurts, it manifests hope, it makes us deliriously happy and it takes a whopping measure of faith and vulnerability. FEAR; facing it, overcoming it, learning to deal and possibly riding it, e.g. “Hunters”. Mystery, Fae & Faery, Humor, Death, Adventure, Sex and men to die for (between Ms. Moning’s writing and Phil Gigante’s voicing…sigh), Horror, Blood and oozing bits and many just plain weird characters. 🙂 I loved it all. It was also great to see the Highlanders help wrap this up. Gotta love all that growling Druid testosterone. Sometimes I wanted to smack Mac as well as Barron???s for being so stubborn but truly it is just that I selfishly wanted to figure out what all the answers were right now and if they???d just have talked to each other I could have had my way but the story would never have been the same and it did create a nice heated tension between the two of them. Also, !SPOILER ALERT! I was sad to see V’lane disappear, I mean really, he was such a lovable nut! I give this series a big TEN! Definitely start with book one and stick with it all the way to the end…no peeking! OH and I simply cannot leave out Natalie Ross, she is Mac and her portrayal of Fiona, well, I get the shivers just thinking about it. Karen, Natalie and Phil, your talents are remarkable, thanks again for sharing.

  33. Blanch Manansala

    I really liked it! I dont really do audio books because it takes away from what I already have in my head for the characters, but this was really good.

  34. Brad Rood

    amazing from start to finish. I can’t wait to listen to the new book!

  35. Augustus Hanvey

    Best Series Ever
    I will rarely watch a movie twice… but this Fever Series I have listened to 3 times…completely thru…Totally mesmerizing.. I am glad my daughter turned me on to this Series I am now hooked on Audio…just wished there were no ending in this particular series…


  36. Theo Camargo

    I like picking books from my favorite genre(s) that have high ratings and going in blind to make sure I dont pick up any plot surprises in the summary. I guess that strategy finally backfired on me. This came up under sci-fi & fantasy which I suppose is true, but after listening to it for a few hours it stuck me as a little “off” and while out at a book store I went to look for it. Found it in the Romance section and everything made sense. When a guy was described as looking like a Versace model it should have clued me in. Maybe it’s a great Romance novel or even a good fantasy novel for a woman, but I couldn’t keep listening. Also, the narrator sounds a bit like Katey Sagal who I can only take in small doses.

  37. Critterkeeper64

    So sad its the last book!!!!
    What made the experience of listening to Shadowfever the most enjoyable?

  38. Denise

    Not your neat tidy ending, but good nonetheless.
    The writing continues to be excellent. The storyline moves more quickly, finally, as we get some resolution to the dilemma at hand. And if you have gotten this far, you know what Dublin, and the world, is going thru right now. I say some resolution, because the ultimate threat to the world is dealt with, but the world is still a mess. Mac & Barrons are finally together, but it isn’t your typical relationship. No fluffy HEA here. I suppose you could stop right here and end the series, but there is more. I think the ending was a bit rushed, especially if you consider it has taken 5 books to get to the ending.

    I have already stated what I felt about the narrators in my Dreamfever review. I won’t repeat it. It really has not changed, except to say I hate listening to Dani talk. So Dani having her own book in the next installment, gives me major pause.

  39. Yong Koffler

    Well worth time and money. Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante do such an excellent job bringing out the characters and the story. I’m left feeling so strongly about what’s going on, much more then just reading it from the page. Karen Moning has created a such a elaborate and complicated world and you can’t help but get sucked into the story… This series has wrapped around my mind for years now.. and this book did not disappoint at all.

  40. Williams Roehrs

    Mac Is One Crazy Chic
    After reading the first 6 chapters of this book I was emotionaly a mess and I almost put it down to never be opened again. Mac talked about being bi-polar in this series and I can relate because my emotions were so low to so high to low and high again. what a ride.

  41. Kendall Fedewa

    Over-the-top narration
    The over-the-top narration of this book chased me away less than half-way through. Moning’s good writing was defeated by the female narratator’s hysterical interpretation. In a word, “Yuck!”

  42. Brandi Y.

    Macayla’s downfall
    Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

  43. Linwood B.

    Oh my paws and whiskers!
    The narrator’s overpower this book, and in many cases during the story, it’s a good thing. The interruptions between narrators, and inter-narration banter had me laughing in public. Some of the dialogue is unbearably entertaining. The rest of it was kinda soppy.

    I like very few female narrators, they over stress emotion, and get really breathy or screechy, and this is unfortunately the case with Natalie Ross. She makes a good attempt at a southern belle accent, but as you progress into the book, her voice rubber bands dramatically around making the story an endless chain of over-cooked exclamations. I got tired of the first person I-Me-Why soppy world-revolving around Mac approach pretty quickly, because of it.

    Mac also becomes so wet, things kept happening TO her, she kept sulking and pouting about them, and whenever she made an action of her own volition, Ross added that umph of feminine empowerment into her voice. As if Mac making her own decisions, as a functional adult, should be liberating? What?

    Basically, Mac drove me nuts. She reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, if Alice had returned from her Wonderland adventure, and been raised as an overly pampered valley girl. She’s a brat, who will be head over heels for one guy, and make out with another, with no moral dilemmas.

    I’m on the fence about this book. If you like book series where the ENTIRE world revolves around the heroine, like Sookie Stackhouse, Cat Crawfield, or Anita Blake, then the way the plot unfolds probably won’t bother you. Or the way you’re force fed every cross thought or emotion Mac experiences.

    The plot itself was very well wrought and will certainly keep you guessing. Some of the things that tie together at the end could be easily anticipated if you don’t get hung up on Mac’s soppy emotional roller coaster, but the rest are very original, and entertaining, not out of left-field. All the pieces of the puzzle are given to you, but there isn’t really anyway to piece them together yourself.

    I should probably keep my nose out of this genre, but there haven’t been any new Pratchett’s, Moore’s or Gaiman’s to sink my teeth into, so I apologize for the mixed review.

  44. Veronika Saniatan

    First, let me say I found this series a long time ago lost it. When I found it again it was three weeks before this book came out. I breezed through all of the books previous to this book and all of the characters came to life like I was watching a movie. I laughed and cried. I talked insistently about these books with co-workers.

    Karen Marie Moning is an excellent writer. Her talent with words and bringing characters to life is a gift to all who read her books. This book was an excellent piece to a puzzle that Karen brought to us. Her characters come to life. MacKayla goes from a vapid one dimensional character into a complex person. She is no longer a character in a book she lives and breathes.

    In this book we pick up right where the last novel left off and it’s a roller coaster rider all the way to the finish. If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it. However, don’t start at the end and read the last book. It would be like dancing salsa as a woman and only dancing the male steps. Take the time to start at the beginning of the series. Learn what drives MacKayla. Trust me when you listen to the last words of this book it will be worth every minute.

  45. Danny Bookworm

    Outstanding Narration for this Masterpiece!
    I waited for this book anxiously and in order to start the minute it came out I downloaded the audiobook. Not knowing that I would listen to one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever heard. The narration is perfection, there are no other words for it. Both, Ross and Gigante deliver each emotion wonderfully. I was most impressed with the interaction between those two.
    Shadowfever (like the other books from this series) is written from Mac’s POV and Natalie Ross gives her the perfect voice, but each male voice is spoken by Phil Gigante which makes dialogues so much more alive!! The whole books lives from those two people that give this epic masterpiece of a book the perfect audiobook experience!

    If you love the Fever series and love a good audiobook, then you need to listen to this one!

  46. Librada Lentz

    when I started this series, I was hoping it was more fantasy, etc., & after the first book, I liked the direction of the story, but the more books I went through, the more I caught myself rolling my eyes. It reminded me of a corny romance (what I call mom’s smutt) book. I liked the voices though.

  47. Nadine Gandara

    Shadow Fever
    I did not enjoy this author. Not enough background given or I would not have purchased

  48. Johnsie Gaeddert

    Get the whole series…….. Start with Bloodfever and go from there.. Funny, witty, scary, sad, this book it full of ongoing storyline following each book, you can not wait to read the next.. love, love love these books…..

  49. Sherice Niemitzio

    The story was mildly interesting which is the only thing that kept me listening. I liked the concept, there are invisible walls that separate our world from a magical world and when they come down havoc ensues. However I thought the characters were forced as was some of the dialogue and storyline. There is alot, and I mean ALOT of sex in this book, and while that in and of itself doesn’t bother me, it does when it doesn’t add anything to the story which I felt is the case here. I thought it was over the top and almost meant for shock value. It was neither shocking nor sensual, just annoying and distracted from what was an interesting story.

  50. Jonah Venzeio

    Fantastic after slow start.
    Would you consider the audio edition of Shadowfever to be better than the print version?

  51. Marcelene L.

    Not at all what I was expecting
    Based on the high reviews I figured this would be a compelling novel. Hardly. It started out and continued with an hysterical woman babbling on about all kinds of nonsense. I had to go back twice and make sure I wasn’t in the middle of the story because it was so disjointed that it was impossible to follow. Eventually I grew tired waiting for it to make sense or for the woman to stop with the over the top histrionics so after 40 minutes I just gave up. If I purchased the book I would have asked for a refund.

    There must be some people who enjoyed this novel based on the high ratings, but I would not suggest purchasing it blindly without being familiar with the author’s work. It’s definitely a very different format and targeted to a specific group – not sure who exactly but not your typical reader/listener.

  52. Pamila Prodoehl

    I only wish the first two books were read by the same female voice. The last few books are awesome as they were when I read them.

  53. Mauro Kagawa

    Exceptional Storytelling
    This book was spectacular. The culmination of a wondrous series. The fast paced action and unexpected twists and turns made it almost impossible to put down. The narration and voice were cohesive and attention grabbing. Great all around.

  54. Jacqualine Mikulich

    Super, great, outstanding, a must have, love JZB
    This is a great series and Shadowfever is a great last installment. You will not be disappointed, but I want more, more, more!!!! OMG, I love JZB. Not to mention Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante who did the audio, simply the best. They bring the characters to life. Karen Marie Moning has really delivered this time, this series is going out with a big bang!!!!!!

  55. Numbers Corderman

    Does NOT stand Alone
    Do not buy this book if you have not read the others in the series! I bought this based on service suggestions, and am extremely disappointed. It is clearly the last in the series (which I have not read), and is very difficult to understand without that information. It reads as a last chapter, not a stand alone book. I’ve seen other reviews, and apparently, the series is great, but do yourself a favor and start with book one.

  56. Ken

    Not a good read
    Honestly, If I wanted to constantly hear a whiny girl repeat herself and complain about everything, I could go talk to my daughter. Redundant, annoying, and boring.

  57. Malcolm Fernades

    I’m sorry…the attempt at an Irish accent for Dani’s is God Awful
    Story met expectations. Phil Gigante was as solid as always. I’m sorry to say Natalie Ross’ attempt at an Irish accent for Dani was simply horrid. Inaccurate, amateurish and grating to the point of being distracting. Had this narrative not been the focus of so much of the book it might have slid under the radar. Sadly it was a net loss for me and has lead me to avoid the remainder of the series on service.

  58. Andy Barren

    An incredibly intense listen!
    This is the last book in the Fever Series. I waited for this book to be released for what felt like forever. It was well worth the wait! It is intense from the minute you pick it up to the very end. I love this story and I was not disappointed with the conclusion. The audio book was a great way to live this story along with the characters. Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante do an incredible job of bringing these incredible characters to life and that is no easy task considering who these characters are and what they have been through.

  59. Dannie Trone

    I really enjoyed KMM’s non-Fever books. What compelled me to purchase this last book in the Fever series after the others had been so disappointing I can’t explain other than I needed closure before writing this author off for good. The over the top narration at least provided me with a few chuckles but not even worth the 1 star rating I gave.

  60. Argentina Wisnoski

    Rollercoaster ride
    With twists and turns that shake assumptions, this is remarkably like a roller-coaster ride. I’m looking forward to Mega’s adventures.

  61. Janie Sylla

    Ugh! What acting school churned this out?
    Not my cup of tea, but I can get into a supernatural fantasy now and again. If it’s well-written. This is not. If it makes some kind of coherent sense. This doesn’t. If it is read well. This was not. Let me just emphasize that, in case anyone ever considers a book narrated by Natalie Ross. Ugh!! Could you possibly have jammed any more false emoting into your voice? It is a narration, not a stage play. Go first for sincerity and believability. Then make the emotion fit the scene, but never, ever, go for overwrought drama queen. Not that you had much to work with given the dialogue. Sometimes, less is more. In this case, less time listening to this horrendous audiobook is more time not spent in agonizing, frustrating, excruciating, boredom and annoyance. Other than that, it was fine.

  62. Roxanna Hadfield

    The latest book in a series – does not stand alone
    DO NOT buy this book unless you have read the previous 4 books and LOVED them. I have hundreds of audio books and am so bummed that I wasted a credit on this.

  63. Janet Fehnel

    Accents overdone…
    Again….love the series….getting Audiobooks was baaad mistake!!!Narrator’s overdone accents made it “hurtful” to enjoy the story….thank goodness i had the books…:(

  64. Lady Moon

    Awe inspiring and sensually enjoyed!
    Awe inspiring, wonderfully written and performed. must read!!! ten out of five. loved it read it, will repeat!

  65. Russel Hoare

    Totally did not get this one…sounded interesting, but I was really disappointed…too bad I wasted a credit on this one

  66. Nicol Davidsmeyer

    Not worth a credit
    I bought this book because it had a lot of high ratings. Boy was I disappointed. I expect that if you already like this author you will love this book otherwise I’d say skip it. The main character is one of those whiny introspective narrators that make me want to reach through the pages of fiction and stab her. The writing is also quite repetitive. I listened to it because I paid for it, but if given a choice I’d go back in time and not buy it.

  67. Shawn Blechinger

    Couldn’t put the book down !
    Loved it! from the first page to the last, I could not put this book down.

  68. Coy Lindline

    Phil Gigante rocks my socks
    What made the experience of listening to Shadowfever the most enjoyable?

  69. Heath Heidebrink

    Good premise but . . .
    After listening to this book, I was really very surprised by all positive reviews it received. I am no novice to audio books, but I would like my money back for this one. I have never been compelled to write a review, let alone a bad one, before. The author spent way too much time the female leads head. I think the book could have been cut in half it she had only done that. Also, did I miss an early book that defined certain terms or did the auther just assume we knew more than we did? If she had only spent less time in the leads head and a little more with background information it would have been nice. And I am no prude, but there is a matter of balance in a book. If you take out all the sex, you come to realize there is not much left.

  70. Winfred Cuthbert

    The Best yet
    This was the best Fever book yet. But I still love my Highlanders.
    Thank you, Karen.

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