[Download] Shadow Summit: One Man, His Diagnosis, and the Road to a Vibrant Life By Jon Chandonnet

Shadow Summit: One Man, His Diagnosis, and the Road to a Vibrant Life

By: Jon Chandonnet
Length: 317 pages
Release date: Nov 12, 2013
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Life has a way of interrupting our plans. Most of us get knocked off our chosen paths at some point. It’s what we do in such moments that determine our fate. In 1997, Jon Chandonnet - twenty-seven, a semester away from completing his Master’s Degree at MIT, with a job offer from promising startup Sapient - received the diagnosis that would change his life: Multiple-Sclerosis. MS knocked Jon down; it almost knocked him out - but it didn’t. It motivated him to become more conscious and intentional about life. Putting into practice his learnings about diet, exercise and spirituality, Jon has reversed his symptoms. Shadow Summit is the incredible story of Jon’s journey through denial and suffering, to a vibrant life of love, healing, and wholeness that he was determined to make possible.
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