[Download] Self-Guided Reengineering By Raymond Kenneth Kaelin

Self-Guided Reengineering

By: Raymond Kenneth Kaelin
Length: 332 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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The basic premise of Self Guided Reengineering is:
“Empower everyone within your organization to become a proficient reengineer.”

I have been party to the best and most popular reengineering and process excellence programs, at many of the best run companies working with the brightest consultants that money can buy. These experiences provided me with unique insights into what worked, and what did not – and most importantly, why.

My aim is a complete knowledge transfer that empowers you through self-guided learning to achieve lasting change without complicated disciplines, magic formulas, consultant slogans or some academic’s idea of useless instructions.

There are no other external supports needed, other than your own desire to change through informed decision-making by applying these principles.

I’ve uncover and fully describe a proven 5-part formula for implementing long-lasting change involving (1) the right people, (2) the right tools, (3) the right knowledge, (4) the right leader - all combined into (5) the right forum for change – so you can do for yourself what you’ve been paying high-priced consultants those big bucks to do.

You will discover the Ten Guiding Principles of Reengineering distilled down from all the major process excellence programs (Six Sigma, Lean, W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, etc.) as well as learn why 'Best Practice' is often bad for business.

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