[Download] Self Awareness & Self Discipline By Robert Rose

Self Awareness & Self Discipline

By: Robert Rose
Length: 156 pages
Release date: Nov 29, 2013
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For most of my fifty years in education my students consistently reached grade level or above academically while I managed to successfully change their negative social behaviors. I did this by individualizing instruction, making lesson introductions short and clear, and encouraging them to work with their friends as partners or in small groups. The students were further empowered by making the classroom rules and the consequences of breaking each, and when they had been given all their rights and they admitted their behavior they selected one if the consequences the class had decided fit the infraction. We also spent every day on some form of artistic expression as singing, dancing, acting, and always had physical education. How I did this, while fighting the system to do so, is the subject of my many education books. This free book discusses the most controversial aspects of my teaching. Now, as it did years ago, the research demonstrates these activities like the arts, contribute more to brain development than most academics. Used with academics is what education should be about. You will find these activities easy to use, but are the beginning of your journey using them. My classrooms were safe and happy because they brought the human potential movement into classrooms. I started with guided imagery and meditation. I added dreamwork, sensory awakening, communications skills, and then massage. I did remove massage, even though the students and their parents found it one of the most useful aspects of my program. You have to decide what you value and what you are willing to fight for for your students. I paid a financial and emotional price, but it was worth it and I'd do it again.

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