[Download] Section Five By Ian MacDonald

Section Five

By: Ian MacDonald
Length: 346 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2000
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Section 5 or The Shadow Boys as our enemies call them are Canada's anti-terrorism unit. There are 13 of them in total and they operate in teams of four, 3 men and 1 woman per team. They operate off the books and with one objective -get the job done. How is unimportant, keeping Canada and its citizens safe is all that matters. Their methods may be unorthodox and civil, charter and even human rights may be ignored - but fire has to be fought with fire. These teams do what is necessary, not what is politically correct. Several exploits are described, all of them fictional, but such things can and do happen in today's world. In the final task the team foils a plot to start WW111

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