[Download] Scouts Out By A.A. Forringer

Scouts Out

By: A.A. Forringer
Length: 467 pages
Release date: Nov 30, 2013
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Of the billions that have ever lived on Earth, 29,755 have been chosen.

Slaves of the Roman Empire, store clerks from Shakespearean England, American College students avoiding the Vietnam draft, and blacksmiths from feudal Japan; all removed from different times, places, and circumstances of Earth’s history. Each selected by a mysterious, seemingly omnipotent, alien race called the Outfitters because they had ‘no discernible impact on Earth’s history’. These diverse individuals are given a choice to join a fleet in order to fight a power hungry race called the Alarians who threaten Earth or simply strike out on their own.

Leo was in his sophomore year in college due to graduate in 1989 when the Outfitters took him. Now he finds himself thrust into command of a Reconnaissance ship with a crew of 13 including a Samoan mechanic, an Irish Miller, and an American frontiersman from 1767.

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