[Download] School for Tomboys By Alex Binney

School for Tomboys

By: Alex Binney
Length: 158 pages
Release date: Dec 31, 2013
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The girls at St. Bridget’s School for Young Ladies are not really bad. Hyperactive? Definitely. Mischievous? Undoubtedly. In need of control? Without a doubt. And perhaps some of them are more than a little wicked, irresponsible, immature, foolhardy...

But the school, a former convent now supposedly educating the most refined British schoolgirls from the most responsible, upper class families, is mismanaged by misguided educationalists who seem to expect that the girls will behave in a proper and responsible manner. And when a new headmistress takes over and relaxes the rules in the firm belief that it will have a positive effect on the girls’ behaviour, it all goes from bad to worse – in a hilarious series of misadventures.

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