[Download] Saving Susie By Helen Haught Fanick

Saving Susie

By: Helen Haught Fanick
Length: 238 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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Susie is a pit bull terrier who’s eleven years old, good-natured, and a fugitive from the law. Her owner, Denise Lansing, doesn’t think she has a problem when the city of San Gabriel, Texas, passes a law banning pit bulls. After all, Susie has impeccable manners and stays indoors or in the backyard most of the time. Then the police are at the door.

Denise must act, but her attempts to find a new owner for Susie outside the city have been fruitless; there are no takers for an aging pit bull. So when Denise’s ex-husband finds a home for Susie in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Denise feels she has no choice. A man with a large estate is willing to take the dog, and Steve Wingfield, a skillful and daring pilot, will fly them to the Yucatan.

Denise could easily fall in love with Steve, but it’s obvious there’s something evil happening on the estate where she’s supposed to leave Susie, and she’s wondering how her ex and the fascinating pilot are involved. When the attempts on their lives begin, Denise and Steve have to join forces.

Steve is terrified of dogs due to an incident in his past, and Denise is suspicious of him because of his involvement with her ex. In spite of this, the attraction between them is growing, but before they can concentrate on each other, they must figure out how to save themselves and Susie, who just might end up saving them instead.

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