[Download] Saints and Soldiers: Thunderbolt Squadron By Jeffrey Scott

Saints and Soldiers: Thunderbolt Squadron

By: Jeffrey Scott
Length: 564 pages
Release date: Dec 19, 2013
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As a boy, all Charlie Dobson wanted was to be a fighter pilot. He got his wish during World War II. But what he didn't know was that it would take hiding a dark and deadly secret to become one! Trying to lead a squadron of the best fighter pilots in the War soon becomes more than he can handle. Will Dobson be able to keep his secret and lose his men? Or will he continue to hide for the sake of the mission and suffer alone?

Michael Turner yearned to escape the darkness that his marriage had become by flying fighter planes for the Army Air Force. After arriving in Africa and joining Lieutenant Dobson's squadron, Turner crash lands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. He is rescued by fishermen who do more than just catch fish. Are they Fascists working for the Germans? Are they part of the Mafia on Sicily? Will he make it back to his squadron?

Adelina and her family are torn from their home in London because of her her father's ties to Rome. And being Jewish only makes things worse when they arrive in Sicily and are put into a ghetto for Jewish prisoners. While working as a slave to a brutal Fascist colonel and the "Fat Man", Adelina meets a young and beautiful Italian fighter pilot named Dario. Will Adelina and her family escape the clutches of Hitler's Final Solution? Will she be able to love her pilot?

Overseeing Adelina is an Italian matron named Giuseppa. She seems to take the young girl under her wing but she has other obligations as well. To whom are her true allegiances connected? Will she really help Adelina escape?

The stories of Charles "Dobby" Dobson, Michael "Flash" Turner, Adelina Pasquale and Giuseppa merge during one of the greatest battles of World War II--the Allied invade Sicily. But it doesn't end there! Follow these amazing and colorful characters as they travel up the Italian coast, hiding from the Germans and finding their true Saint within!

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