[Download] Sacred Tenets By Beth Reason

Sacred Tenets

By: Beth Reason
Length: 385 pages
Release date: Dec 20, 2013
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With the help of a bounty hunter, Tenet Bradwin, son of the Exalted Leader, lived though his High Summer escape through the burning sands of Southland and ended up in the oasis of a rough border town. Instead of being the end of his journey, though, Tenet quickly learns that it was really only the beginning.

His government is still after him, his family is leading the charge, and the only hope he has at any kind of life rests in the deep, unknown wilds of the Borderlands. The challenges are many: unforgiving mountains, brutal weather, and a bounty hunter dogging his every move, not to mention a wife who never really wanted to be a wife, a father that haunts his dreams, and the heavy burden of guilt for his actions. And that is just what Tenet faces getting to the border, before he has to try and sell his new identity to a harsh nation that can not afford to take risks.

Follow Tenet and Scarab as they try to forget the past and embrace the new challenges of life in a foreign land in this second book of the Tenet Series.

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