[Download] Rush to the Rockies! The 1859 Pikes Peak or Bust Gold Rush By Pikes Peak Library District

Rush to the Rockies! The 1859 Pikes Peak or Bust Gold Rush

By: Pikes Peak Library District
Length: 480 pages
Release date: Oct 24, 2013
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The 1859 “gold fever” emboldened many adventurous souls to head west to the mineral-rich regions of the Kansas and Nebraska territories. Their destination, commonly called “Pike’s Peak,” was the area known today as Colorado’s Front Range. The prospector’s dream was of an easy life of wealth and the never-ending happiness that gold could buy. As you read the chapters in Rush to the Rockies!, imagine yourself 150 years ago, provisioning for a long wagon trip across the plains, prodding your stubborn oxen westward, fearing the unknown, and maybe even striking it rich. Succumb to the “fever” and enjoy the adventure!

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