[Download] Running from the Dreamland By Tulasi Acharya

Running from the Dreamland

By: Tulasi Acharya
Length: 234 pages
Release date: Dec 28, 2013
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Deepak comes to America immediately mesmerized by the immensity of its abundance. After leaving Nepal to earn a graduate degree in the U.S., his plan is to make his fortune in the land of opportunity. He quickly learns America is more than he bargained for, especially his newfound “friends.” He questions whether he can even survive, much less succeed, in this new country. The challenge seems even more insurmountable when he settles into his new residence and job, where situations occur that test his resilience and will. In the midst of his agony, he finds one thing that could possibly make the experience ultimately worthwhile. Will she leave or betray him like everyone else has?
In rhythmic, colorful prose, “Running from the Dreamland” explores the daily life of ambitious newcomers to America along with the nostalgia of their past, which opens up a largely unseen world to the Western reader. This is a fictional tale that includes themes to which most anyone can relate.

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