[Download] Runcible Jones, The Gate to Nowhere By Ian Irvine

Runcible Jones, The Gate to Nowhere

By: Ian Irvine
Length: 468 pages
Release date: Dec 31, 2013
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The Runcible Jones Series is a fantasy adventure for all ages from 10 to adult. The series is set on two twinned worlds:

An Earth rather like our own but with two important differences - magic is illegal though no one seems to know why, and power is vanishing from power stations all over the world.

Iltior, an unspoiled world where everything is brighter and more beautiful; where everyone can use magic but science is forbidden. A world where people are being corrupted by resonances passing across the void from Earth, and the great magicians of Iltior are determined to do something about it.In a world terrified of magic, a boy is abandoned to the worst school in the world, a place designed to crush all magic out of him - GRINDGRIM. But Runcible Jones has to learn magic, to uncover the truth about his father's death on another world.

Hurled through a gate to magical Iltior, Runcie's arrival begins a war that will spread to Earth. And why is Lord Shambles, the blackest sorcerer on Iltior, hunting Runcie? To uncover the truth, Runcie must fight the dreadful sorcerer. But even if he wins, nothing will ever be the same again.

Praise for Runcible Jones, The Gate to Nowhere 'A great book for rainy days and lazy afternoons.' John Cohen, Reading Time.

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