[Download] Run Billy Boy Run, Book Four: Billy Boy By Neil Ackerman

Run Billy Boy Run, Book Four: Billy Boy

By: Neil Ackerman
Length: 150 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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Book Four: Billy Boy of the Run Billy Boy Run series details the life of fugitive William (Billy) Boy Burk, and his high-profile run from the law. Included is the original crime which began Billy's run from justice, his eventual arrest, and his subsequent escape. While on the lam, Billy holds up Honest Melvin's Jewelry and Pawn where we meet mild-mannered Melvin Zimmerman and Honest Melvin's not-so-dainty bride. In the aftermath Billy turns stowaway and ends up in Grand Canyon National Park. In the Canyon our fugitive experiences both failure and success while masquerading as an Irish priest and later as a park ranger.
Also, twenty years into the future a riddle is solved when a son opens his deceased father's safe deposit box -- a riddle that began in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

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