[Download] Rivermist I & II: The Book of the Elders By Gina A. Chartier

Rivermist I & II: The Book of the Elders

By: Gina A. Chartier
Length: 490 pages
Release date: Sep 18, 2013
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Part I: Incarnata

On the perpetually night side of the planet Phant, a spark has been struck against the dark. A pure aspect of the goddess Laki has taken physical form once more. As Laki's Oracle, the girl will have to remember fully what she is, but until then, there are those who would seek to steal or use her power for their own designs.

Will her father Ajjded siphon off her power in his quest for physical immortality? Will Daki's Oracle, the fire-Dith Gleachel, contort and twist her abilities for his own gain? Will the Draige Prophet-King Rediekiel convince her to teach him all he knows, or will he leave everything behind as he too begins to awaken to what he is and what he once was, transformed by her light?

Part II: Starsong

A hundred cycles after the bridge was created to span the Wall, a talented young Dith gets caught takening what is not his and is sent to the nearest Mage capable of containing his magic. Fortunately for him, Nodrog is more interested in being a mentor than a jailor and quickly enlists the boy's help to discover what became of his loved ones after the Destroyer ripped through the world.

Death is never the end; Daki's Oracle is keen to remind them again and again. Kill a person, and they will be reborn. Rip magic from a being, and it can be reclaimed. To escape the endless cycle will take more than fiery breath, an enchanted sword or a vast arsenal of spells.

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