[Download] Rising Darkness By Thea Harrison

Rising Darkness

By: Thea Harrison
Narrated by: Sophie Eastlake
Length: 9 hours
Release date: Apr 22, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (22 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)

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In the hospital ER where she works, Mary is used to chaos. But lately, every aspect of her life seems adrift. She's feeling disconnected from herself. Voices appear in her head. And the vivid, disturbing dreams she's had all her life are becoming more intense. Then she meets Michael. He's handsome, enigmatic and knows more than he can say. In his company, she slowly remembers the truth about herself.

Thousands of years ago, there were eight of them. The one called the Deceiver came to destroy the world, and the other seven followed to stop him. Reincarnated over and over, they carry on-and Mary finds herself drawn into the battle once again. And the more she learns, the more she realizes that Michael will go to any lengths to destroy the Deceiver.

Then she remembers who killed her during her last life, nine hundred years ago . . . Michael.
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7 Responses to “[Download] Rising Darkness By Thea Harrison”

  1. Thelma L.

    Could not finish.
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  2. Freddie Fehn

    Can I please return this.
    This book is not really bad I guess. It is just not ny cuppa.
    I was unable to finish it, which is a first for a book junkie like me.

  3. Sha Gothe

    I liked it although It was not as good the elder
    I love Thea Harrison’s books but was not as wowed as I was with the elder races series.

  4. Margarette Panakos

    Good start to a series
    This was a good start to a new series, definitely a lot of back story with the characters. It did feel slow at times and it was hard to keep track of everything going on and the individuals involved. I believe there are a lot of different avenues the story can take and look forward to the next book in the series.

  5. Customer

    Good stuff!
    I like it. Edge of your seat at points. Good characters I could connect with and a good plot with a good romance. What more could you want?

  6. Waylon Scholze

    Too many metaphors.
    It was a good short story but there were so many metaphors there were times I lost track of where she was in the story. I also found the narrator to be too slow and “flowery” of a tempo. Not really sure if I liked it or not. So this one gets a “eh… It was ok” rating from me.

  7. dale

    Slow, slow, slow
    not til about 3/4 through that I felt character development took off so that I cared about the protagonists and story. A new series, but I felt that much of the early parts of the book could’ve either been more interesting, more engaging, or left out altogether. Nothing made me care about each character’s fore story in the absence of any plot reason given to motivate or integrate the plot. When it finally fell together, it was up to the author’s usual caliber.

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