[Download] Retribution: Reach Out Of The Darkness By Wallace Williamson

Retribution: Reach Out Of The Darkness

By: Wallace Williamson
Length: 386 pages
Release date: Sep 12, 2013
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Seven hundred and seventy-seven generations ago The First Mother of Seven Sisters gave birth to her first child; and was bound to keep the Prophesy given unto her ... for over 20,000 years! Her vigil is almost over.

Audrey Chandler was a little over a year old when she fell out of her high-chair and broke her neck; the doctors all agreed that she wouldn’t last out the month. She proved them wrong by living another 14 years. The last one to give up on Audrey Chandler was the Angel who was her Soul. When an Angel prays to end the Life to which It has been Called as a Soul, many are They who listen ... but only One is Called to answer. And the answer was beyond anything that Audrey Chandler, the Angel who was her Soul, or anyone else in this time and place in the World could ever have imagined was even possible!

“And She Who Stands Sentinel over The Last Savior shall send forth Wanders to seek out Abominations Without Souls and gather them forth that the wretched creatures may be judged according to their many works and castigated accordingly; Amen.”

Sissy Sugarman grew up without a real family. She became a Neurosurgeon to treat spinal cord injuries; then went back and got a PhD to research ways to give the paralyzed their arms and legs back. Unfortunately, nobody takes her theories seriously enough to fund her research ... until Bek is told that Dr. Sugarman is the last best hope that Andy Scott will ever have of walking again. Sissy’s life ... and dreams ... are about to get a whole lot more interesting!

Be Careful What You Pray For ... Very Careful!

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