[Download] Resistance Music By T.A. Barnes

Resistance Music

By: T.A. Barnes
Length: 395 pages
Release date: Jan 11, 2014
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Of all the ways Char might have died, suicide was not possibly one. Yet that’s what they were telling Sancia, that her spirited sister, beloved by millions for her raw and haunting music, had thrown herself to the sea from the family castle on the northern coast of Spain. In Sancia’s search for truth behind her sister’s death, she’s confronted with her late parents’ secret past as Spanish resistance fighters. Cursed with an inheritance of evidence damning enough to shake nations, the quiet American-raised concert violinist must find her way in a dark world where no one is what they seem.
On a battleground where war is fueled by fanaticism, Sancia must place her trust in people who claim to want to help her but continually betray her. Can Ryan Everly, the Washington journalist chasing the story of his life really put her interests first when she shares the secrets that could get her killed? Can Kate Guthrie, the Texas-born commando recruited by international terrorist hunters break all the rules to protect her, even when ordered to get Sancia’s evidence by any means?
Betrayed by those she trusts, sought by those whose cause she can’t support and stalked by agencies determined to have what she holds at any cost, Sancia makes her stand alone. Some things, she learns, are truly worth one’s life.

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