[Download] Religious Fangs By Roberto Luengo

Religious Fangs

By: Roberto Luengo
Length: 118 pages
Release date: Sep 26, 2013
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As it happens in any democracy, a new president had been elected, only that this time the new president was a mentally unbalanced ex policeman, the leader of a failed coup to a previous government and someone who had spent a long time in jail.

At first Guillem discards the rumor that the new president has other plans for the country and is never going to leave his new found position and its power. However, he will very soon be involved in an event that will secure the new president's power for life, where in a demonstration of power he will show his legions of mindless followers, instil fear in the heart of those that dare oppose him and without his knowledge, it will start a power struggle deep within occult societies, societies that have always controlled the most powerful and wealthiest members of society.

Thrown in the middle of the conflict, will Guillem be able to survive? Will he be able to stop the conflicts within the occult societies from destroying him and his friends? Will he be able to stop the plans of the new president and restore the country's democracy?

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