[Download] Reflections on Living Water By Jerry Elmer

Reflections on Living Water

By: Jerry Elmer
Length: 293 pages
Release date: Nov 30, 2013
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Do the cares of the world stifle your creative thought? Would you like to set your feet on higher ground? A collection of short meditations, Reflections on Living Water will give you something positive and uplifting to contemplate. Each meditation takes a general theme, such as FAITH, BLESSINGS, SPIRITUAL GROWTH or GRACE, among others, and expands it into a practical, positive concept that can be applied to everyday life, while illustrating that God is here, now, working to give you the kingdom, as promised through His son Jesus Christ. Find your quiet place, and ask God to show you what He has herein for you. I pray that you will find it, and that your Reflection will, indeed, turn into that Living Water Christ promised to give you (John 7:37-38). Blessings and peace. Jerry Elmer

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