[Download] Rafferty Rises By Chas Tuchel

Rafferty Rises

By: Chas Tuchel
Length: 259 pages
Release date: Nov 27, 2013
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Rafferty has chanced in to a life of petty crime, so low on the career totem pole they have to pipe daylight down to him. He just about gets by, as long as 'getting by' can be defined as waking up with roughly the same number of limbs he fell asleep with in approximately the same configuration. This is fine with Rafferty. Paying the rent and staying under the radar are the twin poles of his ambition. That is, until one particularly fateful morning when after hitting the town with his customary verve Rafferty wakes up next to a lady who, for all intents and purposes, appears to be Snow White and every bit as dead. Adding to his understandable concern, local crime lord Kenny Burns has developed a recent and distressing ability to remember Rafferty's name. These two seemingly unrelated events spiral in to a state of chaos beyond even Rafferty's normal operating conditions. Rafferty and his friends - ‘known associates’ to the local constabulary- bob and weave their way to the climax in a continuing effort to retain breathing and walking as a regular part of their day.

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