[Download] Quit Kissing My Ashes By Judy Collier

Quit Kissing My Ashes

By: Judy Collier
Length: 316 pages
Release date: Sep 19, 2013
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Our concern for loved ones does not end with their deaths. On the contrary, our concern often escalates to unimaginable heights.

What we desperately want is assurance regarding our loved ones' whereabouts. Our grief leads us to search for answers about what really happens when we die.

"Quit Kissing My Ashes" is an inspirational story written by a mother who was devastated beyond description when her only son died.

Kyle wasted little time, though, in coming to his parents' aid. His manipulation of the earthly plane and his hundreds of escapades from the spirit world are truly mind-boggling. Whether with the help of the internationally-acclaimed psychic medium John Edward, or by himself, Kyle cleverly makes his presence known in many different ways.

Overwhelming and unforeseen events unfold to orchestrate a script that tells a beautiful story. The interplay of people of fame and notoriety will truly amaze you.

By accompanying Kyle's family on this eye-opening journey, you will accelerate your own path through the darkness and into the light.

"A Must-Read for any parent dealing with the loss of a child."-John Edward, psychic medium

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