[Download] Psalm Maker: The Journal of Booker Jones By Monty Joynes

Psalm Maker: The Journal of Booker Jones

By: Monty Joynes
Length: 226 pages
Release date: Sep 10, 2013
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Psalm Maker: The Journal of Booker Jones is the fifth novel about an Anglo man’s entry into the social issues and metaphysics of contemporary American Indians. The first four novels in what has become known as The Booker Series (Naked Into The Night, Lost In Las Vegas, Save The Good Seed, and Dead Water Rites) are third person narratives about the man’s physical and spiritual adventures among the Pueblo Indians and other tribal peoples of the American Southwest.
The final book in the series is written from the point of view of Booker Jones himself as he evolves into a deeper spiritual experience, finds a female companion, and comments on the events that were dramatized in the first four novels. For many readers of the Booker Series, access to Booker’s inner life as expressed in his journal entries makes Psalm Maker their favorite book in the quintet.
The wisdom that Booker Jones articulates throughout his life changing odyssey is offered as "Insights and Meditations" at the end of the novel as if Booker’s companion Cathia had collected them. Booker introduces the addition to his journal by saying, “What is herein expressed is a gift passed through one consciousness to another part of itself. For the speaker it is merely breath sent forth as the vortex of the living water that Creation provides as the basis of relationship.”
Psalm Maker is full of memorable characters and dramatic events that propel the reader through a cross-cultural adventure that has meaning for all humanity.

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