[Download] Protection By Tracy Nolker


By: Tracy Nolker
Length: 277 pages
Release date: Nov 30, 2013
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Kyra Baldwin doesn't trust the police system nor thinks highly of the officers employed there. When her brother is killed in a driveby, she is determined to take the matter into her own hands to bring the killer to justice. It doesn't matter what the detectives' say, this isn't going to end up unsolved like her parents. Only the farther she goes, the more she realizes she is risking everything.

Ben Chamberlain is used to putting his life on the line to solve murders and crimes. When he witnesses the Baldwin murder, his outlook on everything is changed. He knows the way it works, but Kyra Baldwin defies everything. By taking the investigation into her own hands, she ends up putting the spot light on her. Not only is he trying to solve a murder, but he has to protect the witness.

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