[Download] Pricing Tactics By Robert C. Brenner

Pricing Tactics

By: Robert C. Brenner
Length: 115 pages
Release date: Sep 14, 2013
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A treasure chest of tips, tricks, and techniques for maximizing profit. Here are tactical actions to help you reach or exceed your strategic pricing objectives. This book describes pricing issues common to business professionals in any industry. Pricing is where the "rubber meets the road." Price is king and it's often the driving force in attracting and retaining clients and customers. Read how small business owners thrive during any economic condition. Read about raising prices, cutting prices, how to use price specials such as coupons, allowances, and discounts, and how to apply price adjustments. Calculate the sales needed to make a price change work. Understand when a price is needed. Learn the best ways to handle a price increase, how much you can raise your price, stealth pricing, and how to handling price objections and bottom-fishing cheap buyers. Recognize when you should turn down that job opportunity and know when your price is right.

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