[Download] Priceless: Love's True Worth By Ann Laurel

Priceless: Love's True Worth

By: Ann Laurel
Length: 397 pages
Release date: Dec 5, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (201 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Have you ever wondered if there was any sin that God's grace doesn't cover? Does a person live who has fallen so deeply in the mire of sin that even God's love and mercy can't reach? Even when all hope seems lost and you think life is no longer worth living, God's love shines through...somehow...
He works in mysterious ways, even when we make the conscious choice to deny Him. He wishes for no one to be lost. No one...

Priceless - Love's True Worth is such a story, a coming of age / new adult romance about a young girl faced with almost more than she can handle. Her life leads her to ill choices that lead her down a dark and unworthy path...until she meets him...until he introduces her to the One who can reach down and save her. The question remains, will she accept it? Will she change her ways?

From the back cover...
Of what value is a life? For some the cost of companionship is a few dollars while to others the cost is a lifetime of commitment to another. Annequin’s life in Shady Grove begins simply enough, a caricature of the early lives of many young girls who find themselves the victims of circumstance. Loss and a lack of deep caring in her home eventually drive this beautiful young woman away from her difficult home life to another life that she believes will be her way to happiness. As far too many in Annequin’s position discover, the road chosen is sometimes paved with pain and disappointment. With time and the testing of a young heart and soul, the woman from Shady Grove learns the true meaning of love and grace given by others.

For mature audiences due to subject matter. No graphic descriptions, just situations.

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