[Download] Pray for Silence: A Thriller By Linda Castillo

Pray for Silence: A Thriller

By: Linda Castillo
Narrated by: Kathleen McInerney
Length: 11 hours
Release date: Jun 22, 2010
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (336 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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The New York Times bestselling author of Sworn to Silence delivers an electrifying thriller—Chief of Police Kate Burkholder must confront a dark evil to solve the mysterious murders of an entire Amish family

In the quiet town of Painters Mill, an Amish family of seven has been found brutally murdered on their farm. Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her small force have few clues, no motive, and no suspect. Formerly Amish herself, Kate is no stranger to secrets, but she can't get her mind around the senseless brutality of the crime.

State agent John Tomasseti arrives on the scene to assist. He and Kate worked together on a previous case during which they began a tentative relationship, but each is wary of commitment. The disturbing details of this case will push them to their limits and force them to face demons from their own troubled pasts.

When Kate discovers a diary, she realizes a haunting personal connection to the case. One of the teenage daughters may have been leading a lurid double life. As the case develops, Kate's list of suspects grows. Who is the attractive stranger that stole the heart of the innocent young Amish girl? Did her estranged brother—a man with a violent past who was shunned by his family and the Amish community-come back to seek out revenge? Driven by her own scarred past, Kate swears she'll find the killer and bring him to justice—even if it means putting herself in the line of fire.

Topping her own bestselling debut, Linda Castillo once again immerses listeners in the world of the Amish with a chilling story that is both a fast-paced thriller and compelling psychological puzzle.

A Macmillan Audio production.

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21 Responses to “[Download] Pray for Silence: A Thriller By Linda Castillo”

  1. Gino Pieretti

    Not on “Sworn”‘s level
    While I really enjoyed Sworn to Silence, this book’s writing just didn’t seem up to par with its predecessor and left me somewhat disappointed. There were a lot of repetetive phrases used throughout. Some parts seemed to ramble and drag on with no perceivable importance to plot or character development.
    Additionally, I felt there was too much focus on the complicated relationship between Kate and John. I enjoyed Sworn to Silence as it featured a strong female lead who wasn’t all about falling in love with and dwelling on feelings about a man. This book took down Kate’s strength as a lead, in my mind. If I wanted a woe-is-me, star-crossed lover, odd couple book….I’d get a cheaper romance novel.
    Overall I still found the book entertaining, and the narrator easy to listen to, and enjoying revisiting the interesting characters and community.

  2. Lou L.

    Loved it
    I enjoyed this book a lot. Strong female character and good plot. Recommended! Loving the series.

  3. Evonne Manzie

    the series is a very good series very easy to follow the only thing is there is a lot of repetition about when she was 14 and always using the Better Bureau of Investigation and in Criminal Identification it makes it sound like the readers do not understand what the letters are but good storyline

  4. Cherilyn Sauter

    Really getting into this series!
    Second book in the series. Characters are really starting to develop. So glad a friend recommended this author!

  5. Kala K.

    Good plot but writing is cliche
    I really want to like Linda because I have enjoyed the first two plots but the writing is lazy. She repeats herself, she uses a ton of cliches and it is just not tight. They are more of an beach read and one that can be enjoyed. I would probably not listen to one again because I become too annoyed.

  6. Latrisha Dziurawiec

    Not For The Faint Hearted
    First off, if you are at all squeamish, stay away from this book. Linda Castillo is a very talented author that has a knack for being able to draw the reader into very horrific scenes describing every nuance to the point that not only can the reader see it, they can almost feel it.

    Once again the Amish community of Painters Mill is rocked by the apparently senseless brutal killing of the entire Plank family. Called to the scene, Police Chief Kate Burkholder and her small force are thrown into one of the most horrific scenes that any of them have ever been witness to. Knowing once again that this is over her head, her first call is to State Agent John Tomessetti. They have a history, both professionally and personally, but Kate knows that if anyone can help her figure out this mess then it is John.

    But John comes with his own demons, two and a half years ago his wife and daughter were brutally murdered and John threw himself into a downward spiral of prescription drugs and alcohol in which he “sucks them down with the self- destructive glee of an addict”. Now on administrative leave and seeing an overly preppy therapist, John is on a road to recovery but he is not exactly the ideal patient. He wants back to work, he wants to be a contributing member of the BCI force and most importantly he wants to be with Kate and help her through this investigation.

    Kate and John are drawn into Mary Planks life and into a world that she was ill equipped to handle. What had Mary gotten herself into? Who was this English boy that she writes about in her journal? They needed to find him. They needed answers as to why the whole family is now dead and Mary’s cryptic writings may hold the answers.

    The climatic ending was a bit predictable with a few “oh my gosh” moments. A couple characters stood out to me as reasonable suspects though Ms Castillo blended them into the background of the story she was telling. No one is above suspicion and the Kate Burkholder series teaches you to pay close attention all characters, not just the obvious ones.

    This second book in the Kate Burkholder series after (Sworn to Silence) most certainly lives up to its predecessor. I highly recommend that you start there since there are many references to the Slaughterhouse Murders, which was the case that originally brought Tomasetti and Burkholder together.

    Kathleen McInerney was good with the delivery of the story

  7. Sonya

    I couldn’t stop listening to this one. I almost cried at some points. Good read.

  8. Mahalia Troge

    This is the second book we got, and it is absolutely thrilling, must read!

  9. Jamie Bernat

    The language is too foul for me.
    What disappointed you about Pray for Silence?

  10. chris teifke

    Too Predictable
    Had killer figured out early so just a matter of time to get to the end.

  11. Patricia Auther

    Would you consider the audio edition of Pray for Silence to be better than the print version?

  12. Noel Chalifoux

    Such a disappointment!
    Reading the description of this book prior to buying it, the plot seemed to have possibilities. Such a disappointment. The writing is sophomoric. The narration is worse. The characters were foolish. Profanity can be used within the confines of the character in such a way as to enhance the character. Here it seems to have been tossed in wherever possible to no apparent end. The author would have done well to find consultants to help with such things as proper use of police radios and the basics of handling a crime scene. The only positive I can give this effort is that the plot did have possibilities.

  13. Hisako Kone

    Too much self talk
    This could have been a short story it was padded with a lot of boring boring self talk, perhaps the sheriff should try a new career. The story line had lots of gaps that didn’t make sense and it was weak, the fact it was based around the Amish could have been interesting but it didn’t hit the make. Too many mysteries now have the tortured main character reflecting on their past rather than on the mystery.

  14. Amparo Sigala

    Who are they?
    Although pretty graphic it was not any worse than what is on TV these days. I couldn’t rate it any higher because I felt left with a feeling of having been through a horrific event without knowing any of the people around me. The characters were never really developed, it was like an “event” with some names thrown in.

  15. Sherice Leko

    I wanted to love this book, but it was just too contradictory. Kate is a good strong female character, however her mental flip flops gave me whiplash. also the drama between her and John was a bit much for me. I really want her to be a female character that completely has her act together and can make better decisions. this would improve the series a lot for me. Perhaps Kate becomes less of a disaster in later books. Perhaps I’ll skip a few and check-out a later novel

  16. Oliver B.

    Love the stories L Castillo writes. Kind of stories you don’t want to put down. Superb author!

  17. Willy Blizard

    Loved it!
    Great narrator and well-written story. Can’t wait to read book three and find out what happens next with Kate!

  18. Cathrine R.

    Book and Narrator is Amazing
    Found the author on a fluke and now I am hooked. The narrator can also make and break a book and this narrator is good.

  19. Vance Gransky

    What a let down!
    Wondering how this book gets 3.5 stars in overall ratings. Having Amish ancestors myself, it is unrealistic in so many ways. It is a puzzle that never quite comes together. Sloppy in the police work, character development and accuracy. About twice as long as it needed to be and still didn’t get to a satisfactory conclusion. The reader is dull and slow. I put the ipod on 2x for most of the book to get it over with. I enjoyed Castillo’s first book and should have left it at that.

  20. Penelope A. Sites

    I was not aware that this book had cussing in it. Don’t buy this audio if you get ad fended. Also this book needs to be adult rated.

  21. Tammy Boero

    Interesting story with elementary writing.
    What made the experience of listening to Pray for Silence the most enjoyable?

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