[Download] Poems of The Sea By Charles Wylie

Poems of The Sea

By: Charles Wylie
Length: 111 pages
Release date: Dec 16, 2013
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As a seaman I have spent so much time afloat that the sea has almost become my natural environment, so this 9th of nine eBooks, complementing those of Love, Friends, Mystery, Parting and Grief, Faith and Family, Fun, and Heroes and Indignation, should give you a feel for the thrill of being at sea whether in a warship or a sailing boat.

After 38 years in the Royal Navy, and a lifetime of sailing, I still get a thrill as the bow lifts to the first wave on leaving harbour. I hope that comes across in these verses and that you will find the same kind of enjoyment from it all that I do.

Bon voyage!

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