[Download] Poems of Mystery By Charles Wylie

Poems of Mystery

By: Charles Wylie
Length: 157 pages
Release date: Dec 15, 2013
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This third book of my poems ranges widely over subjects as far apart as peace and war, the art of Haiku (like some Japanese experts I'm still learning), honour, excellence, imagination, mourning, et alia.
In the other eight eBooks of the series you will find the themes of Love, Friends, Nature, Parting and Grief, Faith and Family, Fun, Heroes and Indignation, and The Sea.
Part of my motivation in finally succumbing to years of friendly pressure from family and friends to publish is to encourage those who say "I could never write poetry." It doesn't have to be so. It wouldn't be too difficult to improve on what you find here. Go on! Have a go!

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