[Download] Pluto Effect [Aquarius Trilogy Book Two] By Stan I.S. Law

Pluto Effect [Aquarius Trilogy Book Two]

By: Stan I.S. Law
Length: 449 pages
Release date: Nov 29, 2013
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It is well established among the students of the Zodiac, that the Age of Aquarius is initiated by the influence of Pluto, the ruler of the underground in Greek myths. In the Zodiac he also plays another role. He is the god who prepares Earth and humanity for the New Age, by eradicating the old to make room for the new.

A painful yet unavoidable procedure.

Those who know about the ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not... will have to face the consequences, which will change mother Earth for ever, or for at least the next 2000 years.

Read it carefully. It might save your life.

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