[Download] Playing Volleyball: An Arm Chair Guide Full of 100 Tips to Getting Better at Volleyball By Arm Chair Guides

Playing Volleyball: An Arm Chair Guide Full of 100 Tips to Getting Better at Volleyball

By: Arm Chair Guides
Length: 110 pages
Release date: Jun 24, 2011
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There are many factors that attract people to volleyball. It's simple and fun. You don't need that much equipment to play. It's flexible. You can either play on the beach or your backyard. It knows no gender. Men and women can play competitively together or against each other. Volleyball also improves balance, flexibility and coordination.

This book is your guide on improving your game. It gives you 100 simple tips to help you develop your skills and become a better volleyball player.

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Arm Chair Guides is a leading publisher of books that provide you bite-size tips, tricks and techniques on subjects ranging from sports to hobbies. It breaks everything down into easily understandable pointers. What are some volleyball workout tips? What does footwork mean in volleyball? How can you prevent some injuries involved with volleyball? Avoid mistakes and minimize risks by following these suggestions.

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