[Download] Pinehurst The Search for the Oracle By Nicole Grane

Pinehurst The Search for the Oracle

By: Nicole Grane
Length: 266 pages
Release date: Sep 14, 2013
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The nightmare continues . . . After rescuing her father and friends from Hell of all places, Evie is forced to make good on her bargain with the Lord of the Underworld—who by the way isn’t Satan! Her midnight excursions to Hell to unleash Hades’ demons, prove not only inconvenient, but scary beyond words; and then there’s the little problem with Hades looking like a male model! The cunning and extremely handsome God has his sights set on Evie—big time—and he’ll do anything to entice her to gain control of the gates of Hell—he just didn’t expect to truly fall in love with her.
In order to obtain the cure for her father’s failing condition, Evie’s off to find the Oracle—a fury no less—who happens to be guarded by Hades’ hell-hound, Cerberus! Can life possibly suck anymore? Havoc and Chaos add to her torment with their pixy logic and incessant complaining—not to mention opening the gateway to Hell in the middle of Ms. Leech’s manicured garden, after witnessing Hades planting an earth-shattering kiss on Evie.
But Antonio isn’t sitting on the sidelines . . . he refuses to watch his Evie be seduced by Hades. He accompanies her on her quest, and is forced to reveal his secrets . . . secrets that will put Evie in more danger than she ever dreamed possible.

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