[Download] Persuasion By Jane Austen


By: Jane Austen
Narrated by: Anne Flosnik
Length: 8 hours
Release date: Jun 30, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (5,593 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Jane Austen's final novel is the story of Anne Elliot, a woman who gets a second chance. As a teenager she becomes engaged to a man who seems perfect for her, Frederick Wentworth. But she is persuaded to break the engagement off by her friend Lady Russell, who believes that he is too poor to be a suitable match. The episode plunges Anne into a period of bleak disappointment.

Eight years later, Frederick returns from the Napoleonic Wars flushed with success. Anne's circumstances have also changed; her father's spendthrift ways mean he has been forced to lease the family home to a naval family. Will Anne and Frederick rediscover their love? Can their changed fortunes inhibit their feelings? Persuasion is a story of self-knowledge and personal regeneration, of social change and emotional politics. It is Austen's most mature work, and also her most wickedly satirical.
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70 Responses to “[Download] Persuasion By Jane Austen”

  1. Fatima Delosa

    Lots of characters but well written!
    loved how the players were captured so detailed. you loved some and others made you groan.

  2. Garrett Hoftiezer

    Great reading of a timeless romance!
    I love Jane Austin and this is one of my favorites. The performance was pretty good, just a little bit difficult to tell the different characters on occasion.

  3. Tisha Kalfus

    Great Classic Tale…
    of the patience of thwarted love and the endurance of the longings of the heart. If you liked The Notebook, give this great classic a go.

  4. Katy Kalter

    pronunciation !
    why hire an American woman to read with an English accent? pronouncing obliged as if it was French and saying Benwick that way?! next time just get a Brit or let her speak in her own accent.

  5. Alverta Groombridge

    how did I miss this?
    I don’t know how I have not read this before. But it is well worth the time and energy and a great story.

  6. Anonymous User

    I struggled to finish this book since it was not my cup of tea. .

  7. Isaiah Busser

    Great narrator
    I’m finally tackling the full of Miss Austen’s canon. Having already re-enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, I did a quick search of “Austen ranked.” The first result had Persuasion as “the most beautiful” of her works and, curiosity piqued, I chose it. I’m glad I did. While i love the Bennets and Darcys and Bingleys etc., I love how you can see, in Anne, Austen’s own writing c mature. Anne has once turned down her great love at the advice of others when she was 19, and now the story resumes 7 years later to see what’s changed – and what stays the same – with the reappearance of her love. Both are still unmarried and the ensuing love story is so beautiful. I also love the female friendships and Anne herself, who very much values the wisdom and self actuality that time has given her. As a 25 year old woman I’m glad I’m reading it for the first time because, just like I could more easily identify with Elizabeth Bennett and her discovery how she is not quite as clever as she thinks, so too can I now identify with Anne in trusting her instincts at 27 to know her own heart and sense the truth (or betrayal rather) in others.

    “Most beautiful,” indeed. The narrator also does an excellent job. Her voice and differences in syntax and pitch do a great job of bringing the characters to life. I also appreciate that she does not hurt my ears, which I admit that the narrator of P&P I downloaded on here did (Mrs. Bennett could get the best of anyone though I’m sure). In particular I enjoyed her elevating the comic relief of Anne’s sister Mary, and the kind sense of self that Mrs. Smith has.

  8. Kathryn

    One of my favorites
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  9. Sung T.

    Terribly Fake British Accent.
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  10. Joystealer

    Skip this and get the Juliet Stevenson narration
    This my favorite Austen novel, but I don’t know with whom I’m more annoyed: Austen for using forms of “oblige” so frequently or Mary Sarah for persistently pronouncing it “oblahzshe,” as reviewer Mediantin aptly describes.

  11. Porsche Ostroff

    Find a different narrator
    I just wanted to add my warning that this narrator is HORRIBLE! She pronounces many words incorrectly (obliged), pauses in nonsensical places and generally does not seem to have any idea of the sense of what she’s reading. I’m not sure what accent she’s attempting to do but she reminds me of Lady Amelia Heartwright in Austenland (who is doing a fake English accent within the film) and that is not a compliment in this case. I actually stopped listening to the audiobook after about an hour and I never do that. I love Jane Austen and Persuasion as a story but this production is a disgrace.

  12. Natalie

    Wonderfully read
    I absolutely loved this book. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors and this reader did a wonderful job entertaining me I’m bringing this literary work to life. She was wonderful. I will also look for other books read by her.

  13. Kandace Audia

    Love this book, and the person reading it did a good job! Hope I can find Emma and pride and prejudice with her.

  14. Denise Kelleher

    Jane Austens best book.
    I’m not a huge Austen fan. however this lovely and well. Written tale is worth a read

  15. Mirella E.

    a love story
    i had this book on my to read list because it’s a classic. i listen to it whenever i dont have any other books because this is absolutely one of my favorite books ever. i was a bit intimidated at first but im so thankful i got it.

    its a love story gone wrong because others were involved and “their voice” was listened to before ones heart. i am quite disgusted by the oldest sister elizabeth and youngest sister Mary. mary is a horrible wife and even worse mother. shes very selfish and shows it at every turn when shes part of the story.

    the woman reading this version does a most excellent job and i may look up other books that she does even if they aren’t on my list 🙂

  16. Magaly H.

    Great book, not so great narration
    Would you try another book from Jane Austen and/or Mary Sarah?

  17. Neomi Marples

    This book sucked
    The book sucked I cannot express how bad this book is do not buy it no matter what.

  18. Mignon Daigneault

    Love the story.
    Persuasion is one of my favourite books. The narration was a little dramatic, but over all pleasant.

  19. Emilee Hatch

    great book
    This is one of my favorite books of all time. the narration is not amazing but for the price, I was pleasantly surprised. if you have never read it I would recommend reading it yourself or purchasing a better narration but if you already love the book this one is just fine.

  20. Melda Blackbum

    The narrator did not annoy me as did others
    I learned of the Jane Austin project where contemporary romance authors were asked to write a current day version of Jane’s works. I wanted to reacquaint myself with the original first.
    The accents didn’t bother me as they did others. Good enough for the substantially lower price.

  21. Sophia Rose

    Intuitive and Enchanting Second Chance Rom Classic
    What did you love best about Persuasion?

  22. Virgilio Wieand

    Persuasion Narration
    Loved the book not the narrator. Mary Sarah needs to listen to other narrators. One star was one star too many.

  23. Customer

    Typical Jane Austen
    Good read about the endurance of true love through the test of time. Emphasized the importance of not being easily persuaded by others.

  24. Kimberely Voeks

    Favorite Jane Austen
    What did you like best about this story?

  25. Reynalda Mattys

    Interesting period piece
    A fascinating look into the mores and customs of dating and finding a marriage partner in the 19th Century. Extremely beautifully written

  26. Karan Estabillo

    Best of Austen
    While P&P is the most well known, Persuasion is Austen’s best work and many argue biographical in nature. I especially enjoyed the narrator – her accent fit the tone
    of the book well!

  27. Delcie Batman

    Quite good
    Enjoyed it muchly. A very entrancing read. The narrator read a bit too quickly so I had trouble in the beginning understanding her.

  28. Vance Trafford

    Great story!
    well read, I enjoyed it very much! went through the whole book in one sitting. couldn’t put it down so to speak.

  29. Ivey Allison

    Chapter 19
    My book keeps returning to chapter 19!!! I cannot fast forward to get back to where I left off. Anyone else have this issue?

  30. Anglea Trembath

    Defective download properties; doesn’t work
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  31. Shelton Carillo

    I wish the narrator would pronounce some of the words correctly, that bugged me a bit. overall it was just fine.
    at the beginning of the book I didn’t really like, or feel attached to the characters, most of them are not very likeable. but true to form this book ended happy for the people that deserved to be happy. not an altogether different theme from austen. I enjoyed it and I enjoy these classical works. it’s worth a read, or a listen I should say.

  32. Jose Badzinski

    I love this book, but not so much the narrator.
    This is one of my favourite Jane Austen books. Anne Elliott and Captain Wentworth area amazing literary characters that one cannot help but fall in love with. The vanity of the Elliotts, the openheartedness of the Musgroves, the fervour of life of the Crofts is all very interesting. The emotional journey of the leading characters is beautifully portrayed here. However, I was a tad bit disappointed in the narrator. Ms. Sarah didn’t impress me as some of the others have. I will listen to this book again sometime and see if that opinion changes in the future. Enjoy this book, this story! It’s worth listening to…

  33. mary scarbrough

    Poor narrator
    I struggled through this book entirely due to the narrator. Everyone voice is the same. She has no animation as she reads. It’s monotone and boring. Such a waste for me.

  34. Marcia Vandalsem

    Don’t bother. ..
    Couldn’t get into this book at all. i kept at it but finally after trying until the bitter end I gave up. just a waste of my time.

  35. Sammy Gaier

    Delightful story, average performance.
    Listening to this a second time I’m once again perplexed by the utterly strange pronouncement of certain words. One (I forget which) was pronounced so strangely it took me a few seconds thought before I could figure out exactly what she meant. And then there’s the grating “oblahzshe”. What. In. The. Heck. Oblige, woman!!! There’s an I and a G in it!!! There were also odd pauses in the reading from time to time. Nothing terrible, but enough to clearly make this not a first-rate production.

    Nevertheless, it was inexpensive to purchase and was enjoyable to listen to, so no real complaints. A thoroughly delightful story, one of my favourites.

  36. Don K.

    If you could sum up Persuasion in three words, what would they be?

  37. Sydney Brown

    So enjoyable
    Loved every minute. Wonderful narrator. The story is wonderful. Well done service. I would recommend it.

  38. Carolina Kliebert

    One of Jane Austen’s Best
    Wonderful Story. In my opinion, one of Austen’s Best !! Still haven’t found the right narrator for Jane Austen.

  39. Alpha Fortier

    Great story, wrong reader
    Great story. The reader did a nice job with Anne of Green Gables, but not a fit for this. Her emotional range is “from A to B.” Really frustrating.

  40. Silva Hembry

    Horrid narration. I’d like to exchange the book.
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  41. Mazie Brimeyer

    very charming!
    my first austen and i am in ♡! Such a sweet but engaging story. I had a hard time turning it off/putting it down!

  42. K. Morrissey

    Great story, annoying performance
    Persuasion is almost as good as Sense and Sensibility, but the strange pronunciations and phrasing of the performer made me wish I was just reading it myself instead of listening. It’s pretty obvious she didn’t understand everything she was saying. Great story, though!

  43. Kimberly M.

    Loved it! Finally understand what the film didn’t make clear. Im grateful for this service.

  44. Benedict Turmelle

    Narration Below Standard
    I love this book, but found the narration appalling. Her pronunciation of specific words was so wrong and quite glaring. This inability made it obvious she was just a voting badly with a fake British accent. Granted the book was very cheap… it was still disappointing!!

  45. Elvina B.

    I’m not sad I stayed up all night
    Jane Austin language is difficult without your complete attention but a very enjoyable story. I loved the moment they were able to profess their true feelings. It was that lovely moment that makes the struggle with the words worthwhile.

  46. Linette Hect

    The worst
    Too many characters, no conversation between the two main characters. I struggled through this audio book.

  47. Azzie Pollock

    Not Quite Persuaded
    How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

  48. Jose Tilus

    Strange pronunciation of certain words
    I’ve never heard “oblige” pronounced this way and never realized how often Ms. Austen used the word! It almost became comical.

  49. Sharilyn Briggs

    not one of my favorite narrators
    narrator wasn’t my favorite it was hard to follow she read to fast, everything ran together all the other jane austin books were read by some one else i liked them much better

  50. Boris Humbertson

    Victorian novel for women, what else do you expect
    it is an OK book, I enjoyed it, but it does seem outdated and easy to predict for modern readers.

    very similar to pride and prejudice, and as such it it’s probably better read for women than men.

    lots of gossip, he said/she said, marriage and romance and such.

    for me the most interesting part is the glimpse of the way people probably thought at the time.

  51. Anonymous User

    Fair performance, nothing special.
    An adequate but not exceptional reading of a excellent book. The more expensive readings might be a bit better but this was a good value.

  52. Caryn Hardage

    My favorite Austen novel, marred by a lousy narration
    Why would you have a person with an American accent read Jane Austen? The book is wonderful in all respects, but this version is awful, with the distracting narration.

  53. Williams Nguyan

    Narration could have been better
    I enjoy all of Jane Austen’s works, my complaint is minor and didn’t take much away from my pleasure in hearing this story. The narrator pronounced obliged as obloged, and her pace was sometimes off. Again, I still enjoyed this quite a lot!

  54. Augustine F.

    Jane Austen
    I have a fixation with Jane Austen since first reading Sense and Sensibility years ago. This story was no different. Misunderstood love. People on other reviews talked about the narrator but she was fine to me. Her diction was clear and she used different inflections for the different characters. A good experience.

  55. MarionO

    Disappointing narration
    Unfortunately, I found the narration a barrier to enjoying the story and so, regrettably, abandoned it after a second attempt.

    It was a very staccato delivery, with phrasing that suggested the narrator wasn’t sufficiently familiar with the text, or perhaps not sufficiently familiar with the language patterns of the period. Disappointing.

  56. Nia Makepeace

    Persuasion in its best form. I loved it!
    This was a wonderful story. Predictable, but delightfully so. Well read, with a gentle voice.

  57. Patricia Landford

    great book..I enjoyed the read and the era of the
    Great book! I enjoyed the story and the era in which she put the story

  58. Georgiana G.

    Lacks Proof-Listening
    This is a product review of Big Chair Media’s production of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, distributed by Trout Lake Media. It is not a book review. Mary Sarah has a great voice for Jane Austen’s works. However, her production company, or whoever is supposed proof/edit these recordings, let her down.

    Persuasion is not light reading, especially for people such as myself who do not instantly memorize the social and familial relationships between two dozen people inside Austen’s head. I was compelled to start charting out family trees and relationship diagrams just so that I could understand. Combining that with vocabulary from the 1800’s, sentences longer than lawyers write, the storyline, and the underlying message that the author was trying to convey, the result is a work that requires your FULL attention to completely digest.

    That is why distractions are so terrible. That’s also why, part way through, I started listening to the service book from inside the Kindle app. I needed to see AND hear the words to keep my attention focused. As with another Mary Sarah recording (Age of Innocence, also distributed by Trout Lake Media), that’s where my rating deteriorates.

    Because Mary Sarah is so fluid, it must be difficult to catch mistakes unless you really concentrate. When you listen critically, you find missing words, mispronounced words, repeated phrases (self-corrected), missing sentences, etc. For example, at the beginning of chapter 18, she reads a sentence twice: “for it was all settled between them… [oops] for it was all settled between them him and her before she came away.” Later on, in chapter 23, a whole sentence is skipped: “He had passed out of the room without a look!” The are gaps where there should not be and commas that are skipped.

    Once agitated by several mistakes, it’s easy to notice many more. In chapter 18, for example, there is a low-frequency noise combined with the narrator’s voice. In between words or sentences, this noise is blanked out. So you only hear it while she is speaking. Later on, there is a more irregular, higher frequency noise that sounds like the narrators finger running across paper as she reads. Again, probably through some post-recording enhancements, this noise is blanked out between words, commas, and periods. (Note: I’m no audiophile and probably have some hearing loss as the father of five, so if I can hear it, believe me, it’s noticeable.) Not all chapters were like that, but two or three were particularly bothersome.

    If it were a lesser literary work, I could have just been entertained. However, since I required myself to give it my full attention by reading and listening simultaneously, I found so many issues that I’m compelled to post warning signs to others that may buy this product.

  59. Gerda Digangi

    decent overall
    reader pronounces “obliged” strangely and by the end it had become quite distracting. it is neither a British nor an American pronunciation, just weird.

  60. Lien Landrus

    Beautiful to listen to
    although somewhat difficult to follow at first.. if you persevere you will be delighted with a quite entertaining and lovely story.

  61. Shawnda Castoe

    My Favorite Austen
    Persuasion has long been my favorite. Mary Sarah is also a favorite. Perfection together.

  62. Shu P.

    Love the book, not the narrator
    Narrator’s accent doesn’t fit the British accent that would have been warranted. Her accent was hard to pinpoint and felt very strange and the reading could’ve been better. That said, I love Jane Austen and this book so I will listen to this again at some point. Just wish the narration was more enjoyable.

  63. Brenton Carideo

    Terrible narration
    I wish I’d looked at the reviews before purchasing this, even though I only paid 48 cents. Mary Sarah ruins this rendition and I’m happy to hear one reader mentions another version which I will seek out and purchase now.

  64. Kathe Heckbert

    This book is wonderful, like all Jane Austen. However, the narration is terrible. I’m not sure why the producer didn’t advise this woman that her pronunciation of several frequently used words was incorrect and therefore extremely distracting. It finally became so annoying, I would lose my place and have to rewind and listen over again to keep up with the story line. Very difficult listen.

  65. Logan S.

    A classic and done so well
    I enjoyed listening to this classic even more than I did reading it myself. It was both written and read well.

  66. Nicole Darmiento

    Never tire of this story!! 5 enthusiastic stars!!
    Jane Austen is long my favorite author ….. Persuasion is by far my 2nd favorite preceded by Pride and Prejudice which will remain forever my first Jane Austen and favorite! Mary Sarah’s performance received some criticism which in my humble opinion was unfounded. This performance and work was well worth the sale price of under $1!!!

  67. Earl Bhullar

    I won’t ask for my $0.48 back
    I think it was probably worth the 48 cents I spent on this book because it was a great soporific.

    The narrator’s voice droned on and on in the most pedantic way. she slaughter this book .

  68. Zachariah Knieper

    Loved it.
    The characters are memorable and endearing. It is one of my favorite Jane Austin books.

  69. jlward

    Too many characters
    This book is hard to follow along with too many characters. I know it’s supposed to be a classic but so boring. wish I had not wasted my money on this.

  70. Glen Marsiglia

    Just what I wanted
    I wanted something pleasant to listen to on walks and I love anything Jane Austen. This was perfect. The story was fast moving and engaging. There were a lot of bad reviews about the narration; take it from me, it was by no means as horrible as some made it out to be. Jane Austen is rather hard to read to yourself, let alone aloud. I grew to like Mary Sarah’s voice and while she did pronounce I few words oddly, it was nowhere near bad enough to not enjoy.

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