[Download] Permanent Shadows By C.E. Wilson

Permanent Shadows

By: C.E. Wilson
Length: 377 pages
Release date: May 8, 2015
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When a friend from Teague’s old life comes to visit, it sets in motion a sequence of events that will rock the Pixi world and force Cailin to question everything she thought she knew.

She knows that her father has been keeping secrets, but it’s only now that she begins to realize just how little she knows. Now she is trying to figure out what Owen’s relationship is with her father and if Owen and Teague are really what she thought they were. Learning the truth comes at a price, and Cailin is left wondering who she can trust.

Permanent Shadows is the second book in the YA Paranormal Romance series, The Punishment Sequence.

Praise for book one of The Punishment Sequence, Oath of Servitude:

"Oath of Servitude has a great premise and remarkable, interesting characters...If you enjoy fantasy, definitely pick this one up!" - Minding Spot

"C.E. Wilson has a clean, simplistic writing style that I follow easily and the concept of the book is truly different than anything else I have read!" - Melissa Cushing, Simplistic Reviews

"...The storytelling is compelling, the characters have depth, and the story teaches us that admitting weakness and fear is not, in anyway, a sign of cowardice." - Book Junkie Joint

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