[Download] People of Fae By M.M. Gavillet

People of Fae

By: M.M. Gavillet
Length: 419 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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Lyssa never thought much about other worlds, magic or even the possibility of either one existing, until, her world along with a hidden past crashed into her quiet life. Avoiding the spotlight for seventeen-year-old Lyssa Cleverthorn is next to impossible now that she has the Everspell—the one thing everyone wants that she wishes to get rid of...or maybe keep.
Toby has it all—a beautiful girlfriend, friends, family...but something’s missing or more liked changed. He’s drawn to Lyssa, the girl he never noticed before, in a way he can’t explain, but, then again he never thought too much about spells and Banshees as girlfriends either. Plagued with dreams and visions of Lyssa, Toby Winslett soon finds himself risking his life to be with her, to save her from danger. But that’s just the beginning to a past never meant to be unearthed.
Eli never dreamed he’d end up in a prison in Avalon alongside the villains he’d put there as a sentry of the Fae world and he never thought the one true love he ever had would betray him in ways unimaginable. It isn’t until he finds the Everspell, the one thing to save Avalon, would open a world he never knew and the family he longed for.

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